Friday, October 7, 2011

Life Stories on "The Island Register"

There are life stories (with various names) on The Island Register this morning from Prince Edward Island.(PEI) –

The first story is by Kay Lamb in Tennessee "Skype Bringing Families Together" where she tells how she uses Skype to talk to her 98 year old cousin 2,000 miles way in PEI.

The second story is about a diary entry from "Diary From Weds. Oct 12, 1927 To Weds. Feb 5, 1941 - My Grandfather, Samuel Beaton, Bonshaw, P.E.I." by Eardley Beaton.

In the diary he talks about Beaton's neighbours, and their daily life in Bonshaw.

Another story is about William Franklin Knox, the Secretary of the Navy under President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Dennis Taylor

The story starts with some Island roots of William Franklin Knox. He was the son of Sarah Collins Barnard. Sarah was born Aug 9 1849 in Charlottetown. She was the daughter of Jabez Alder Barnard, born Jan 10 1820 in Charlottetown. Jabez Alder was the son of Jabez Barnard, the builder, and Catherine Hawkins.

It goes on to tell how he bought the newspaper in Sault Ste. Marie, eventually becoming the general manager of Hearst newspapers, and his exploits in the Second World War.