Monday, October 17, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 7

Here are some of the websites, and blogs that I have come across the week ending October 16, 2011

Ancêtres Famille Paquin A free comprehensive Canadian & American PAQUIN family tree from 1672.

New Version of the Home Children Database I wrote about this on my blog on the 11th of October. The LAC has added 20,000 new names to the database, and they have been compiled by the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

Barclay - Matlack Family Homestead The site includes many names including the family name of Freeman from Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Lists the funeral homes found in Canada.

Ottawa Valley Irish: A family history weblog & genealogy database As the site says, "This blog covers the family history of a number of interrelated Irish and French Canadian families in the Ottawa Valley area, including the Morans of Huntley township; the Laheys and Killeens of March township; the McGlades of Perth; the McCarthys of Kitley township; and the Derouins of Otter Lake".

The Genealogical Site of French America A bilingual site (Frensh/English) that has more than 33,861,400 images, and files online. For instance, they have 1,260,000 BMD records linked to Drouin Collection images, 1881 and 1901 Quebec censuses, and 1881 from Ontario; 1926-1996 Marriages, 1926-1996 Deaths, and so on.

La Société du patrimoine et d'histoire de la Côte-de-Beaupré, Quebec A French only site that tells the history of this famous region of Quebec.

Bible Christian Magazine The site contains biographies, memoirs, and obituaries of people who were involved with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Although this site mainly is about people in England, it does contain Canadian references.

The Ball Bureau: A blog to share my research of the Ball family in Devon, England and Glamorgan, Wales Karen Ball traces the Ball family roots in the counties of Devon, England and Glamorgan, Wales to British Columbia.

Skeletons in my Closet Among others, Jennifer R. Grandchamp ("Jenny Roses") is researching her French-Canadian roots.