Sunday, December 8, 2013

Connections Journal Autumn 2013 Issue

The fall issue of the Connections journal has been sent out by the Quebec Family History Society located in Montreal.

There are many short articles in this issue, and they are –

The Farnsworth/Phaneuf Connections by Rene E. Peron in which the author writes about the connections between the two families going back 300 years.

Captives Carried to Canada During the French and Indian Wars by Dawn Miller Quellette in which she talks about the Farnsworth family as it is related in the book New England Captives Carried to Canada – 1677 – 1760 by author Emma Lewis Coleman.

Pilgrimage for Bert: Remembering the 1st Anti-Tank Regiment, 1st Canadian Divison by Shelia Snow Wilkins in which Wilkins writes about the trip she and her husband took to Sicily this past summer to visit the places where her father fought in the Second World War.

Filles du Roi: Brides of New France by Dawn Miller Ouellette writes about the young women who came to New France looking for a husband. One thing new I learned that if they did not find a suitable suitor in Quebec City, they would travel on to Three Rivers, and then to Montreal, if they did not find a man to marry.

Ouellette also has written an article on The Battle of Chateauguay (the cover has the photo of the painting of the battle) as it has been 200 years since the Canadians fought the Americans on the shores of the Chateauguay River in October 1813.

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