Friday, September 30, 2011

The National Holocaust Monument

Canada is going to erect The National Holocaust Monument in the National Capitol Region (Ottawa-Gatineau) of Canada. .

Although construction has yet to start on the Monument, as the press release says “it will bring Canadians of all faiths together to remember the millions of innocent men, women and children counted among its victims. The Monument will help ensure the memory of the Holocaust is never lost. The hope is that by teaching current and future generations of Canadians the roots and causes of this atrocity, future acts of genocide will be prevented”.

Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research in Canada

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre

The Vancouver Holocaust Centre Society

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Cross Roman Catholic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The, an online newspaper, has a story in the paper about Halifax’s oldest Roman Catholic cemetery.

The story says “Five years ago, Holy Cross, which is a final resting place for 25,000 people, had reached a state of disrepair. Many of the 2,500 tombstones near the corner of South and South Parks streets had been toppled and broken as a result of vandalism, weathering and neglect. In addition, the cemetery’s 150-year-old chapel was crumbling”.

The cemetery had been established in 1843.

The project was helped by the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax and An Cumann, a non-profit Irish association.

Holy Cross Cemetery Trust A volunteer organization which has worked over the past years to restore Holy Cross Cemetery and its historical Chapel, started and completed on the 31st of August, 1843 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Find a Grave There are two records on this site – the burial of Charles Robertson, and Sir John Sparrow David Thompson.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hands-on Early Ontario Land Records Course

Toronto Ontario Genealogical Society has added new course to their 2011 schedule -

This course will provide an introduction to the land granting process and the main types of Crown Land Department records, and how to use the various finding aids and collections at the Archives of Ontario to document your ancestor's acquisition of (or attempt to acquire) land in Upper Canada. Hands-on practice following several case histories through the records will help you proceed confidently with your own searches. Registrants must have e-mail and Internet access, and will be expected to do some assigned background reading before each class. Spaces are strictly limited. Please reserve early.

Prerequisite: Basic course or equivalent experience.

Schedule: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30 PM, October 18, 25, and November 1, 2011 (a three week course).

Location: Archives of Ontario, 134 Ian MacDonald Blvd, Toronto M7A 2C5 (York University)

Instructor: Jane MacNamara

Fee: $50 ($45 for OGS members).

Registration information, and what other courses are available, please go to the Toronto Branch website at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

African Nova Scotian Diaspora: Selected Government Records of Black Settlement, 1791-1839

Here is a press release that I received from the Nova Scotia Archives -

"The Nova Scotia Archives is pleased to present a significant new online resource features unique documents reflecting the struggles and survival of African Nova Scotians, as the world marks the United Nations' International Year for People of African Descent.

It contains over 500 digitized and fully searchable government documents relating to early African Nova Scotian immigration and emigration. Many of the documents are rich in the names and reflect the experiences of Black Refugees who came here at the close of the War of 1812.

You can visit the exhibit at:"

Lauren Oostveen
Public Information Officer
Nova Scotia Archives
Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Monday, September 26, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 4

Here are some of the websites, and blogs that I have come across the week ending Sept 25, 2011

Major Boutron et compagnies Genealogy about Estienne Boutron Major from Franche Comté to Nouvelle-France, and his lineage in North America, particularly in Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, and Louisiana.

A Latvian Canadian Story A blog which covers French-Canadian genealogy, individual family history, Italian genealogy, Latvian genealogy, and Ukrainian genealogy .

Gumbo Genealogy An Acadian genealogy with individual family histories, and Louisiana genealogy .

Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns The President of the Alberta Genealogical Society, known as "The Leprechaun Rabbit", has a blog about the cemeteries of Alberta.

Evans Books: Publications by Gwen Barry I received an email from fellow Ottawa genealogist, Bonnie Miller, about this site in which Gwen Barry has published books on her own family lines and the history of Megantic County, Quebec. As Bonnie says, “What was even more useful for me was the free extensive genealogy database of the early families who lived there and where they eventually migrated to, as well as the links and references to other sources”.

Following the Ancestral Trail of Notable Canadian Families: Mitchell, Pearson, McKelvey & James Jonathan Mitchell follows the Irish immigrant in the Canadian countryside.

Recensement de l'Acadie de 1671 (Census of Acadie, 1671) Site is in the French language, and gives the person's name, their age, and occupation.

AncestorStalker: A Leader In Professional Genealogical Research Offers genealogy including DNA analysis for a fee. $

Irish Family History And Genealogy Contributed By Guest Bloggers And Brought To You By This brand new sites invites people to write about their Canadian and other Irish Ancestors. It will focus on Irish Family History, and this week it is about a Nova Scotian Irish family.

Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Written by Joan Miller, with an emphasis on the prairie provinces and Quebec with surnames - Kerr, Wilson, Henderson, Irvine, Woodland, Aumack, Miller. Catch Joan's latest interview on Geneabloggers radio, plus “Genealogists – Capture Your Family’s Interest”, her latest blog post.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Think before you 'Delete'

In the most recent edition of the Moncton, New Brunswick newspaper, The Times & Transcript, Diane Lynn Tibert — a freelance writer based in central Nova Scotia — writes about the impact of emails in “Think before you 'Delete'".

She says that “E-mail is simply an alternative method of corresponding with others. The difference between e-mail and letters is that for the most part email leaves no history”.

Read about what she has to say about emails and genealogy at

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tantramar Seniors' College

The college, located in Sackville, New Brunswick, is offering over 50 courses this fall in Sackville, NB; Amherst, NS; Moncton, NB; and The Greater Shediac Area, NB.

One of the courses is -

An Introduction to Memoir Writing

Tues 10:00 am to noon with Marilyn Lerch in Lafford Space. First class is Oct 11 with 8 classes. No maximum. Tuesday, September 27, 2011 in Trinity-St Stephen United Church Hall from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

They will also be offering courses in genealogy, museums, and in researching cemeteries.

The website for the college is You can contact them at

Friday, September 23, 2011

Top Five Canadian Genealogy Sites

Yesterday (Sept 22nd), I went online at Google to see what were the top five Canadian Genealogy Sites, and this is what I found -

# 1 - Canadian Genealogy & History Links (CGHL) The Canadian answer to Cyndi's List, it's been on the Internet since 1995, and there are postings here you don't find in other places. Besides listing all of the Provinces, and Territories, there are Personal Pages, Archives, Census, Cemeteries, History, Loyalist, Military, and Organizations.

# 2 - CanGenealogy Dave Obee's famous link pages which lists provinces and Territories, Resources and Events in Canada. It was first posted in 2006.

# 3 – Library and Archives Canada
The current front page of the Genealogy and Family History was created in 2006, and it lists the Most Requested Records, plus additional resources you can access online.

# 4 – Canadian Genealogy-Canadian Genealogy Resources Online since 2002, this site is also a Links site, but has older articles on the right hand side - some of which I have not seen before.

# 5 - Canadian Genealogy: Find your genes, friends, family and ancestry to get re-united! I have not used this page in the past, but I did put my maiden name in the Search Box, and was taken directly to the name in Don't know how helpful this is for longtime Internet people, but could prove useful to the first time users.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BIFHSGO 2011 Conference – Day 3

The last day was clear and sunny, and the crowd was eager to start. The first session was with Susan Davis, “A Social Media Primer for Family Historians”.

Susan, who is BIFHSGO's Director of Communications, had the sold-out crowd in the palm of her hand as she explained Social Media.

She frequently polled the people to see how many were already on Twitter, Facebook, had a blog, etc. It was evident not many of the people have taken advantage of the new social media but they were there to learn – which is exactly what the talk was about!

The second session I went to was “Solving Genealogical Problems Using English Probate Records” by Linda Reid.

She used her own ancestors to illustrate some of the problems she encountered when looking at the probate records. Through researching wills, she was able to discover new relationships in the family, and therefore was able to solve genealogical problems.

The third session was “Master and Mates: Sounding the Depths of Merchant Marine Records” by Barbara Tose. She told us how she traced the genealogy of her great-grand grandfather, William Tose, by using the records of the British Merchant Marine.

The fourth session was given by Sherry Irvine, “Resting Peacefully in Essex – While I Was Becoming a Better Genealogist”, and was the closing talk of the Conference.

She talked about advanced research skills (evidence orientation, thought processes, record selection, and trailblazing) as they related to research in Essex County (England),and how she was able to solve a number of problems.

The conference presented a good mixture of primers and advanced sessions. One can hope that the organizers continue to present sessions like this next year. They had something for everyone. Also, one hopes that they have the ever-growing popular Friday sessions next year also.

Listening to the pre-conference interviews by John D. Reid and Brian Glenn before going to the conference really helped me. I wish everyone would have done this before going to the Conference. I found the Conference easier to understand, and it increased its value to me.

Be sure to check out the Facebook, and Twitter pages at!/BIFHSGO. Both of them give you an excellent account of what it was like to attend the Conference.

There are new Podcasts on their site by Brian Glenn at of the Marketplace. Rick Roberts of Global Genealogy at, Elizabeth Kipp of the Guild of One-Name Studies at, and Robin Cushnie of the Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum at are some of the people who were in the Marketplace. Their interviews are interesting, so be sure to listen to it!

And finally, the people at BIFHSGO are in the process of posting conference handouts at the “Members Only” site. There are also details about the 10% discount for BIFHSGO members on all courses offered by Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Limited to the “Members Only” area of their site.

The next BIFHSGO Conference will be held (tentatively) from Sept 14-16, 2012.

Their website is at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BIFHSGO 2011 Conference – Day 2

Another sunny morning met us as we awoke for Day 2 of the BIFHSGO Conference.

The first talk I heard was "You Might Have a 19th Century British Mormon on Your Family Tree" given by Linda Blair.

Did you know that in the mid-19th Century there were more Mormon in Britain than in North America?

So when Linda discovered that a direct ancestor had emigrated to the US, she was on an ancestry hunt, and it finally led her to a membership in the International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

The second one I attended was by Gary Schroder and was called “How to Find Your Ancestors in Quebec” and as usual – he was in fine form.

He talked about marriage and death records (1926 to 1997), and notary records.

His talk was interrupted by a power outage which sort of put a damper on things, but Gary kept on going, and didn't miss a beat.

Then after a most enjoyable lunch with John D. Reid of Anglo-Celtic Connections blog

We then headed downstairs to hear Gary Schroder once again talk about “How to Find Your Ancestors in the British Army 1760-1945.

He explained what WO97 included, and gave an outlined what is held on findmypast, and at the National Archives.

The last talk of the day was given by Audrey Collins called “The Fleet Registers: Clandestine Marriages in London 1667-1754”

These marriages were performed by people who lived near the Fleet prison, London, and the many records can be searched to see if any of your ancestors did get married there.

We then went to supper at the Bay Street Bistro, where my husband and myself sat with Brian Watson, the co-chair of the BIFHSGO Conference, and attendees Judy, Linda, Mary, Barbara, Barbara, Ross, and June.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BIFHSGO 2011 Conference – Day 1

A sunny, yet cool day on Friday Sept the 16th was the first day of the annual BIFHSGO Conference.

Although, I didn't attend any sessions on Friday, I did attend the Don Whiteside Memorial lecture in the evening.

Before the lecture began, we heard from Sylvie Tremblay of the Library and Archives Canada who gave us the latest news that the Home Children database is one of the the most visited online. They will be developing more partnerships in the future as they go along in order to bring more of the records online.

The Don Whiteside Memorial Lecturer was Phil Jenkins, a local writer, musician who was born in England but now lives in the Ottawa area. His speech was entitled “Thanks for the Memories” in which he asked the central question “Do we carry the stories of our ancestors within us?”

He went on to compare and contrast Ancestral Memory (which is what we have inherited and use the first 40 years of our life) as opposed to Declarative Memory (which covers the things we have have done in the later years of our life).

If you want to hear more about the BIFHSGO Conference, visit John D. Reid's blog "Anglo-Celtic Connections" at, and Elizabeth Kipp's blog entitled "English Research from Canada" at

A word praise must be given to the people who contributed to the Conference Program Booklet.

It was well put together, very informative, and answered many questions because it told you who the speaking, the marketplace vendors, and where the research room was located... all held together by great advertising.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 3

Here are some of the websites, and blogs that I have come across the week ending Sept 18, 2011

Familyhistoryfun A list of online resources for Wentworth County, Ontario Canada.

My genealogy pages A new site by Faye West where she is tracing some of her lines that include Doyle, Hamilton, Dunn and Jordan from Ireland, and some Loyalist and Patriots families such as the Striker, Graves, and Clapp families.

What's happening on Faye has posted a new blog to further explain her research on the blog mentioed above.

Métis Nation History The surnames of LAURIER, OTTER, STRANGE, DUMONT, MACDONALD, BIG BEAR, MIDDLETON are covered in this website.

New Finland District, Saskatchewan, Canada Finnish history, phone book, cemetery, church, local history and family biographies are on this website.

WW1 CANADIAN WAR GRAVES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM A website that is profiling the soldiers and photographing graves of all the 3885 WW1 Canadians who served in Canadian regiments in Britain.

Généalogie MOMY Genealogy The site also includes the genealogy of our BOILEAU, LAFONTAINE, MÉTHOT and MARCOUX ancestors.

Quebec Family History Services A bilingual (French/English) service to find ancestors in the province of Quebec. $

Our Family History: Bretz-Halliday-George-Neilson Bretz, Halliday, George and Neilson surnames in Canada.

DAI - Recent Uploads, Memorial University, Newfoundland and Labrador They put on uploads nearly every day, and there are daily and community newspapers online at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

And other true stories …

I met Brian Henry a number of years ago when he was giving a writing workshop in Ottawa, and now I see where he has added a workshop on writing your memoirs, and family history.

In his workshop he will “Introduce you to the tricks and conventions of telling true stories and will show you how to use the techniques of the novel to recount actual events. Whether you want to write for your family or for a wider public, don't miss this workshop”.

He will be holding a Saturday, November 19 workshop from 1:00 p.m. To 4:30 p.m. at the Lions Club, 935 Sydenham Road, in Kingston.

You can register, and reserve a spot by writing to Brian at .

The website is

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BIFHSGO Fall Newsletter

While the Conference is going strong, I took a few minutes earlier this week to write down some notes from the Fall 2011 edition of Anglo-Celtic Roots, BIFHSGO's newsletter.

It should be noted that Jean Kitchen is the new Editor of the newsletter, having taken over from Chris MacPhail.

One of the articles, Her Majesty's Hospitality, by John D. Reid, is about the everyday life in the Coldbath Fields Prison where his great-grandfather spent a four-month sentence for embezzling 30 pounds from his employer – the London and County Bank Branch on Oxford Street in London.

John went to the London Metropolitan Archives, looked through the files, and discovered what life was like for his great-grandfather while at the prison.

Michael De St. Croix and Bryan D. Cooke have written a 6-page article on Florence O'Bayle's Irish-Anglo-Canadian Lineage (Michael's grandmother) to try and produce the correct genealogy of her life in England before she came to Canada, - and once here, her marriage to W. T. Tully, a railway executive.

You are taken through the process, and follow as they go through the marriage records, the baptism records, the confirmation records, and the Oath of Identity for the Old Age Pension in Canada.

Elizabeth Kipp returns again to bring us up-to-date with the yDNA results of the Blake family. The yDNA test now shows that there were two Theophilus BLAKEs, and the family is descendant from the Blake who emigrated from the British Isles in 1745, was located at Chester County, Pennsylvania, and by 1764 was living in Bath County, Virginia, and not from the other Theophilus Blake, who lived in New Hampshire.

The fourth article by Bill Arthur tells the story of how the Arthur and Hamilton families crossed in Ireland, back in the 14th Century, and how he awaits more surprises as a newly-discovered researcher enters the picture.

You can read the story in his article Homeward Bound from Bannockburn: Another Great Moment.

The website for BIFHSGO is

Friday, September 16, 2011

York Region Ancestors

I received the fall issue of the newsletter this week, and it is packed full of news and articles.

On the front page is an article by Susan Smart, "1906 – A Quaker Centennial Anniversary", in which the Friends hold a meeting which itself is covered in The Canada Quaker History Journal.

The second article is "The Udell Family of Markham, Pickering and Uxbridge (Part 1)" by Walter Udell. It traces the family from 1801 to about 1826, with an accounting of the children of John and Margaret (Brown) Udell.

The May 2011 Meeting – Question of the Month lists the question, “What are some of your favourite genealogical repositories in York Region?” and some of the answers were the Georgina Pioneer Village, the Kleinburg Library, and Vaughan Township Archives.

The York Region Branch website is at

Thursday, September 15, 2011

General Membership Meeting

The Sudbury District Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society will have it's General Membership Meeting on MONDAY, September 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Parkside Older Adults Center,YMCA 140 Durham St. South.

It will be an evening of "SHOW & SHARE" and you are encouraged to bring your genealogical gems, summer surprises, and vacation victories!

Tell us WHO you were looking for, WHY they were important to you, WHAT you found,and WHERE you found it!


Bring A Friend

Free Parking Under YMCA (After 6:00 P.M.)

Their website is at

The Friends of the Fort Frances Museum

The Friends of the Fort Frances Museum, ontario is hosting a meet-and-greet from 2-6 p.m. on Wednesday September 21st at the museum.

The group is looking for more members to get involved with The Friends of the Fort Frances Museum, form an executive, establish bylaws, and undertake the process of becoming a registered charity.

So everyone is encouraged to drop by and see what the “Friends” are all about, as well as bring along their questions or suggestions.

Everyone is welcome, with coffee, tea, and goodies to be served.

The website, and the email is

Under the heading of WHAT WE DO…, it says that the “The Fort Frances Museum contains a vast collection of photographs and artifacts related to the history of Fort Frances and the Rainy River District. These artifacts and specimens depict the past and the development of the area in terms of natural resources, first nations, exploration, settlement and people, industry and cultural achievement”.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family in a Mural

In the village of DeGrau in Port au Port Peninsula in Newfoundland, there is a mural which shows two people in a brightly painted dory in the harbour in their home town.

To read the story, and to see the mural that Kassandra Simon painted, read the article on

Getting Ready for the BIFHSGO Conference Sept 16th to 18th

Remember those days when all you had to do to get ready for a conference was register and read over the pamphlet to see who was giving talks? Those days are GONE!

Now you have to do pre-conference homework!

I don't mind doing homework, and this is what I done -

Over the past few days, I listening to their podcasts at where Brian Glenn interviewed John Reid (a fellow blogger at, and this year's Program Co-Chair of the 2011 Fall Conference Committee; Brian Watson, the Co-Chair for Administration for the 2011 Conference Committee; Kathy Wallace, the Registrar for the 2011 Fall Conference; and Lesley Anderson, Director of Education all talking about the Conference 2011.

I have read about the BIFHSGO Fall Conference Speakers at and listened to 10 interviews with the speakers at I have kept up-to-date with John D. Reid's BIFHSGO Blog at

There will be 21 exhibitors this year, and they are at, and I plan to visit each one so that I can bring you news about new holding, new books, and new courses etc.

I read their "Getting the most out of the conference" at to make sure I covered everthing, and I think I'm ready for the Conference Friday morning!

BTW, I have been invited to blog, and tweet at hashtag #BIFHSGO about the Confernce – so stayed tuned!

If you are in the Ottawa area this weekend, please drop in to the Conference. Many people have worked a huge amount of hours to make it the best conference ever, and they would like to see a large crowd there to take in this event.

To see what is available at the Conference, go to

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Descendants of Roger Billings, Milton, Massachusetts to Ottawa, Canada

Mike More, a Director of the Ontario Genealogical Society was asked by the City of Ottawa Archives to research the Billings family from Milton, Massachusetts to Ottawa, Canada in the 1800s.

Mike says "The City of Ottawa Archives holds the Billings Family fonds containing over 7 metres from 1796 to 1988. MG2 contains the notes of Charles Murray Billings who considered himself the family genealogist about a hundred years ago".

He tells us that Braddish BILLINGS, a son of Dr Elkanah BILLINGS was one of the first settlers in what is now Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Braddish's house was left to the city by one of his descendants and has become the Billings Estate Museum. There is considerable interest in the genealogy of the BILLINGS family by visitors to the City Archives, and this is an attempt to compile a reference chart of the family.

There are over 800 people in the Surname Index. The Master Index shows the date of birth and death of some of the people listed in the Surname Index, and a Legend which tells you who have been excluded because they are still living, or because research is still ongoing.

If you have any information, please contact Mike at The website is located at

Monday, September 12, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 2

Here are some of the websites and blogs that I have come across for the week ending September 11th, 2011 -

British Home Child SIG The Ontario Genealogical Society, at this year's Conference in Hamilton, recently started a new SIG. The group has just published their first newsletter, and I covered it at

Newfie Roots A blog about William & Eliza (nee Battery) Scott (including the Kettle, Lomond, and Nebucett families) from Newfoundland.

Lieutenant Charles William Pearson (1912-2000): The Lincoln and Welland Regiment's WWII Campaign A new blog that recounts his life in the Second World War – where he served, and what he did.

The REVIEW - VanKleek Hill Newspaper They have put online their newspaper from 1893 to 1904. The years 1904 to 1920 are coming soon. $

Genealogy Twitter Reader I was kept busy reading the recent Tweets from the FGS Conference held last week in Springfield, Illinois.

The Family History Hound Ellen Thompson is from Alberta, and she does family history research as a business. $

That's Relative! Finding Yourself in Your Family Tree A blog by Krista Moore about the MOORE family of Lanark County, Ontario, and Down, Ireland.

Looking 4 Kin Genealogy & Family History Network Chat:
Helping hands helping one another with our family history & genealogy research
. This is a relatively new website created by a blogger and genealogist who goes by the non-de-plume of "Just M" from Saskatchewan, with 60 Canadian members from all the provinces and territories.

Townshippers' Day This website takes in all the Townships in Eastern Quebec. Townshippers' Day will take place in Stanstead, Quebec, on Saturday, September 17th.

Grand Réveil Acadien/Great Acadian Awakening A new site which promoted Louisiana for the World Acadian Congress 2009, it is now the place to go to see what is on for this year's event, to be held from October 7th to the 16th.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2001

There were at least 24 Canadians who died (or who are still missing, and presumed dead) on 9/11, and A. Knight has small biographies of them on his site at

There is a YouTube video which shows the 9/11 memorial at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa this year at

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haldimand's Volunteers

A very good write-up appears in THE CHRONICLE, a newspaper that serves the
Haldimand area of Ontario. It is entitled “Haldimand OGS thanks volunteers”

Their website is

Congratulations to all of our volunteers!

The Haldimand County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society website is

Ship’s Lists from England to Canada

Glenn Wright from Ottawa will be the special speaker at the Leeds & Grenville Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society on the topic “Ship’s Lists from England to Canada”.

The meeting will be held September 12th at the Brockville Tabernacle (the former Shrine Hall) on the Second Concession at 7:30 pm. Their website is at

Glenn says that ''Our ancestors packed a lot into a single suitcase - the future of an entire family. They left behind everything they knew and traveled thousands of miles across the ocean to a land they had never seen. Two men came for every woman, and more than 4,000 ships brought them here. They came for all reasons – to own their first piece of land, to find gold, to escape poverty and to discover a new life”.

If you can make the meeting, please do so - it would be very educational, and informative.

Glen will also be at Vankleek Hill at their Family History Fair Day on October the 1st and I hear that he will be one of the speakers at the OGS 2012 Conference in June 2012! The Conference website is

Friday, September 9, 2011

Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC)

As we approach the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War in 2013, there are a number of events coming up in the future that you may want to attend, or read about on the Internet.

One of them is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC).

Mr. Douglas Townend, an avid collector of memorabilia related to the Corps, will be displaying his extensive collection at the LeBreton Gallery, Canadian War Museum on Saturday, September 17, 2011 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Their Canadian War Museum is at

This event will be the same day as the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Conference which is being held just up the hill from the War Museum at the Library and Archives Canada, so I will be unable to attend.

For a history of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, these places have their history online -

The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Juno Beach Centre

Canadian Women's Army Corps's_Army_Corps

Life of an Island House

A press release came out this morning -

On Tuesday September 13 at 7.30 pm in the Carriage House at Beaconsfield, Prince Edward Island, Doug Sobey, a research associate of the Institute of Island Studies of UPEI, will give an illustrated talk telling the story of a 200-year old frame house which still stands on the cliffs near Sea Cow Head overlooking Bedeque Bay.

The title of the talk will be "Two Hundred Years in the Life of an Island House: The Story of 'Melrose Farm' and 'Windswept'".

The talk will also cover the legacy of one of the Bedeque Bay* area's Loyalist settlers, Alexander Anderson, a disbanded Revolutionary War soldier, who built the house (naming it 'Melrose Farm') shortly after arriving in the area in 1797 (after a sojourn at Rustico), and who died in the house in 1852, at the age of 106!

From him descend a number of Island families, including the MacFarlanes of Fernwood, the Godfreys of North Wiltshire and the Cairns of Freetown. In 1948 the house was saved from destruction by Eleanor Wheler, who had come from Ontario to work as a public health nurse, and who converted it to a summer
home, naming it 'Windswept'.

Its most recent occupant was the well-known Island artist and poet Elaine Harrison.

Because of a rich archive of photographic and other material preserved by descendants of Anderson, as well as by other owners of the house, the talk will be well illustrated throughout.

There will be a $5 admission charge.

The lecture will be held under the auspices of the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation.

*My husband's family lived in Bedeque when they lived “on the island”. Although the Lapointe family was originally from Quebec City, they spent many a weekend driving around PEI taking in the history of the place, and at every turn in the road they saw a fantastic view of the beauty of the land and the sea.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

International Jewish Genealogy Month

The International Jewish Genealogy (IJG) month is celebrated on the Hebrew month of Cheshvan - Oct 29 to Nov 26, 2011.

The press release says that the “International Jewish Genealogy Month honors our Jewish ancestors through the pursuit of Jewish family history research".

To read more about the IJG go to

To mark the International Jewish Genealogy Month, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Canada at is also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the organization.

They have published a book called Tracing Our Roots - Telling Our Story. As the website says “It is an anthology of over over 45 compelling and entertaining contributions, written by members of our society”.

Also, on Sunday, September 18, 2011 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Stanley Diamond from Montreal will be in the Toronto area to give a workshop on what is new at the Jewish Records Indexing – Poland.

The website is

Four other societies in Canada are -

Jewish Genealogical Society – Hamilton & Area

Genealogical Institute of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada Inc

Jewish Genealogical Institute of British Columbia

Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal

Twenty Ways to Avoid Grief When Researching

You will never know what you will find when you take a couple minutes to look around the Internet. Such was the case yesterday when I went on the British Columbia Genealogy Society website, and came across a “tips” article entitled “Twenty Ways to Avoid Grief When Researching” by Margaret M. Sharon*.

Some of the tips are -

Always note the source of any material you photocopy.

How many times have you gone to the archives, and have photocopied pages and pages from a book and then forget to mark the pages, or the source of the material?

Try not to let your research get behind.

Yes, can I tell you of the boxes, and boxes that I have of research material that has yet to be put in my genealogical family history?

Place names and boundaries have changed constantly over the years.

Even in a country like Canada with such a short history changes in place name and boundaries are everywhere. In the small village where I grew up it was known as Jordan River for many years before it was changed to Jordan Falls around 1900. Changes in place names do make a difference.

Take a minute, and read the paper in full because even though it is now somewhat “dated” having been written in 1988, there are still some genealogical truths in the paper that are still valid today.

The website is at

*It was originally published in The British Columbia Genealogist, March 1988, Volume 17, No. 1, pp. 4-6. © B.C.G.S.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Research Wiki Needs Writers!

The Research Wiki of the where it publishes various articles on doing research in a particular county on many subjects.

Canada is listed 98th out of the most popular entries with over 20,000 views.

But they still need more articles on Canada.

Do you have articles that have yet to be published?

They have a complete guide to writing the articles, what is needed, and how to put the articles on the Research Wiki.

Go to the website to find out what you need to do at

PEI Places Receive Heritage Designation

The following place in Prince Edward Island received the provincial Heritage Places Protection Act this summer -


Built in 1905, the Souris Town Hall was built of Island sandstone. It was the post office and customs house for the town until the 1960s when the post office relocated.

The McLean House Inn, Souris was built in 1875 for John McLean (1845-1936), partner in the very successful Matthew and McLean business.

For the website of the town of Souris, go to

FARMERS' BANK of Rustico

Built between 1861-1864 of locally quarried Island sandstone, the Farmers’ Bank was established to provide low interest loans to local farmers. It was to be one of the first credit unions of the province.

To read about the Farmer's Bank, go to

BARACHOIS INN, Anglo Rustico

The Barachois Inn was built in 1880 for Joseph Gallant, a prosperous local merchant.

To read about the inn, you can go to the website


St. James United Church is a fine example of a rectangular Meeting House, with Classical Revival architectural design elements.

There are pictures of the church on this site at

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canadian Genealogist Online

The Canadian Genealogist has been put online at the Ontario Genealogists Society (OGS) website at

It was published four times a year between 1979 to 1988 by George and Elizabeth Hancocks.

It followed the same layout as OGS Families, and there are lots of articles from across Canada, whereas Families is mostly concerned with genealogy that has an Ontario slant.

All of the issues have been indexed.

Niagara Peninsula Branch Fall Event

J. BRIAN GILCHRIST will be the featured speaker at the Niagara Peninsula Branch Fall Event to be held later in October.

He has over 40 years experience as a researcher, and speaker, and will facilitate the following 3 sessions -


Brian assisted by Steve Fulton, Technical Support and Innovative Committee Chair
for the OGS will make suggestions.

PROBLEM SOLVING PANEL – Please submit your questions with your registration or
by email.

Te date will be Saturday, Oct. 29th, 2011, and it will be at the First Grantham United Church, 415 Linwell Road, St. Catharines, Ontario.

Doors open at 9 am for Registration, and the Region 4 Meeting, and Publication sales. The cost will be $25 before October 1st, and $30 after Oct 1st, and at the door.

Lunch as well as door prizes will be included.

Payment can be made by cheque to Niagara Peninsula Branch OGS Box 2224, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 7R8, or with PayPal on our website

For further information call 905 934 1537 or email

Monday, September 5, 2011

British Home Children Newsletter

A brand new newsletter has just been added to the newsletters produced by Canadian genealogy organizations, and it is the BHC-SIG Newsletter. That is – the British Home Children Special Interest Group.

In the first issue of the newsletter there is an article about the S.S. Toronto, Dominion Line; an article on Mary Scott Pearson submitted by Beth Bruder; an article on William Thomson Robin by Margory Ronnin; an article on Percy Henry Smith by Shirley Sturdevant; My BHC Ancestors by Phil Ellis, and Part I: Thomas (George) Warner – A Barnardo Boy by Linda Hurtubise.

There is a message from the Chair Phil Ellis, and an article about the Flamborough Archives, and the work they have done on the Home Children from the town of Waterdown.

If you wish to join, the fee is $5.00 per year (in addition to the regular yearly ($60.00) and a half-yearly ($35.00) fee.

If you wish to join, go to the membership site at, or contact Marsha at the OGS to discuss it with her. Or you can go to the BHC-SIG site at

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs - Week 1

A weekly listing of some of the Canadian websites and blogs that I have come across the week ending Sept 4th, 2011.

The Oram Family Tree — This Oram family is thought to have originated in Wiltshire, UK. Some members have appeared to have gone to Canada.

The New Auty Genealogy Site — AUTY, AWTY, AUTIE, AUTTIE, AUTEY, AUTTY, AUTTEE surnames covering England, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Canada.

Roots Cape Breton Genealogy & Family History Centre — Roots Cape Breton is a computer-assisted research service for those in search of their Cape Breton roots. $

Directory of Oxford County 1857-1858 — Online searchable directory of residents and businesses of Oxford County, Ontario 1857-1858. I wrote a blog posting on this site -

Ontario (Upper Canada) County Directories http://www.ontariogenealogy.comontariocountydirectories.html

The FERGUSON Connection - A Family History — The FERGUSON, FIELDS, and related families are included from all over the Unites States, and some from Canada.

Quebec Genealogy Pointers - ManyRoads — Mark Rabideau writes about French Canada, and the Rabideau – Henss histories & Genealogy.

Canada Lands Survey System — Canada Lands in Google Earth including Indian Reserves, National Parks, and the territories.

Canadian Military Research and Genealogy — A bilingual (French/English) website which can help research your military ancestors.

RIVETTE Family Genealogy Follow the Acadian family through New Brunswick, and other Acadian settlements in Canada.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Canadian Blogger will be at RootsTech 2012

Just finished reading the latest posting by Canadian genealogist Joan Miller at and she will be at RootsTech 2012 to be held in Salt Lake City from Feb 2nd to Feb 4th next year.

She is going to be a presenter at the conference, and she will be on an "international panel of colleagues discussing genealogy and social media".

So if you are at RootsTech, be sure to take in the panel discussion, and if you are a blogger, write about the panel in your blog.

Joan also said that if you want to be kept informed about what is going on, be sure to join the RootsTech Mailing List at

Have fun, Joan, and say "Hello" to all of our American Cousins!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

CBC is 75 Years Old!

In celebration of the CBC/Radio-Canada 75th Anniversary, it has chosen the theme "Your to Celebrate". CBC/Radio-Canada was established in November, 1936.

If you go on the site you will see a special place where they have archived several radio programs, and TV shows.

There is also a very interesting blog on the site, and a Timeline which takes you back to such things as the Springhill Mine Disaster, The CBC's First Colour TV Show, and Churchill's Funeral.

There will be several other events announced in the coming months. To keep up on the latest events, go to

OGS Branch Libraries

Do you know that there are seven Branches of the Ontario Genealogical Society that have their libraries onsite?

You can search the holdings of the -

Brant Branch at,

Kinston Branch at,

Nipissing Branch at Library,

Quinte Branch at,

Halton-Peel Branch at,

Ontario Branch at,

York Branch at

You can go to the Resources Section of the OGS website at, and read about the Resources that are there to help you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Joint Fall Workshop with LDS in Grande Prairie

On Friday evening, and during the day on Saturday (September 9th and 10th, 2011), there will be a Joint Fall Workshop with LDS Church and Grande Prairie & District Branch, Grande Prairie, Manitoba.

It will feature Peter & Linda Darby, and they will give talks about “Organizing Your Files”, “Online Maps/Gazetteers”, and “Mining Gold”.

Go to their website at

Prince Edward Island Card Index

The Prince Edward Island Baptisms (1721-1885), Marriage (1832-1888) and the Death (1721-1905) Card Index browsable images are slowly going online at

There are 92,700 Baptisms images as of 25 August 2010, and they are available at

There are 3,428 images as of 31 August 2010 which can be found at and,

the Death Card Index has 15,903 Index images as of 31 August 2010 with the website at

Thursday, September 1, 2011

De-Mystifying Lineage Societies

The Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and the Sir Guy Carleton Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada are pleased to offer a one-day workshop on De-Mystifying Lineage Societies.

This workshop will provide some history on lineage societies, as well as discussion of the resources, hints and techniques for completing successful applications along with an opportunity for research with local experts.

Societies highlighted will be the Mayflower Society, Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada and the Ontario Genealogical Society Heritage Societies.

It will be held on the 29 Oct 2011 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the City of Ottawa Central Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa, Ontario.

Following the presentations, registrants will be able to research in the City Archives Reference Room.

The presentations will be made by -

De-Mystifying Lineage Societies: Mike More and Dorothy Meyerhof

Researching in Military Records: Glenn Wright

Using Ancestry: Lesley Anderson

The cost will be $30.00 per person, and payment must accompany registration form.

Registration is limited, and the Deadline for Registration: 21 October 2011

Please make cheques payable to “OTTAWA BRANCH, OGS”

For registration form, please go to, or contact the OGS at

English Family History Workshop

The English Family History workshop will be co-sponsored by the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and the Canadiana Department of North York Central Library, and will be held Saturday 5 November 2011.

It will feature speakers John D. Reid, a blooger at, and Lesley Anderson at both are from the Ottawa area. Paul Jones, Jane E. MacNamara and Linda Reid are from Toronto, and will join them in presenting the workshop.

Find out from the experts how to make the most of parish, probate and manorial records, how to track your English ancestors through newspapers, directories and gazetteers and how to use Canadian and British records together to put the puzzle pieces in place.

The early bird registration deadline is 14 October 2011 and OGS members enjoy special rates.

For program and registration details, see