Monday, February 18, 2013

Join QFHS at Celebrating “Our Canadian Roots Day”!

This press release was sent to me over the weekend –

To celebrate our brave ancestors who came to our home and native land, the Quebec Family History Society will host Celebrating Our Canadian Roots Day on Wednesday, February 20, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm, at the QFHS Heritage Centre and Library.

This is part of the Society's monthly "Roots Days" program, created to bring together fellow genealogists in a friendly setting. You may drop in anytime for coffee, tea, Canadian sweets, and informal conversation to talk about your ancestors who came to Canada and browse books from the QFHS Canadian collection.

Bring in your books and resources about Canadian cities, towns and
communities, no matter how small the location, to share with others.

Whether your ancestors were Lower Canadians, pure laine, western farmers, Upper Canadians, Acadians, First Nations, Métis, voyageurs, gold rush seekers, British, Irish, French, Italian, or from anywhere else, join us.

Open to our members and the public. Admission is free.


New/Updated Websites, Blogs, Facebook, and Newspaper Articles - 18 February 2013

I have come across the following websites, blogs, Facebook, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –


Alberta Genealogy Research "The Recents" Indexes of births, marriages, deaths, articles, lists and other information from newspapers across Alberta. The latest is index is from the Edmonton Journal Index 1950-2002

KINGSHOTT GENEALOGY Apparently, there is quite a large concentration of Kingshotts in Canada - in Ontario. To see the families, go to


The Genealogy and History newsletter This blog posts things that are going on in Saskatchewan, as well as the Prairie History Collection, and the Regina Public Library's photos.

Alberta Genealogical Society Conference 2013 The registration has just opened for the conference to be held from April 19th and 21st.

The speakers will be Stephen C. Young, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dave Obee, Pat Ryan, Deanna Bullock, Lyn Meehan, John Althouse, and Alison Freake.


Sudbury Branch launches facebook Group NEW!
Sudbury District Branch launched a Facebook Group this week. They're hoping it will be an active group, drawing members from well beyond the Sudbury District. They will be encouraging folks to share stories, ask/answer questions, post photos, let them know of branch events. Visit the branch on facebook

Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society Keep in touch with the Niagara Peninsula Branch on their Facebook page.

Newspaper Articles

Family Day history event slated for South Peace Archives The South Peace Regional Archives (SPRA), along with the Grande Prairie and District Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society, will host a family history day event on holiday Monday to help people trace their family tree on February 21st.

CEMETERY: Frustration grows over dealing with discovery of human remains Read how the OGS Secretary Bob Crawford was asked for his comments by the Chatham Daily News on finding human remains when a house was being renovated.

Genealogy group eyeing new home in library basement La Généalogie et archives Saint-Laurent (GASL) must move to a new location, and they think that they have discovered the perfect place ...

Canadian man's Black Loyalist heritage leads him to Africa A video tell the story of a man called John Hamilton who came to Nova Scotia as a free Black Loyalist, and later went to Sierra Leone, Africa.

Look for more articles about new/improved Blogs, Websites, Facebook, and Newspaper Articles next Monday February 25th.