Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scottish Nick Names in Canada

There has been an interesting notice sent in by Dianne Bergstadt to Chris Paton on his blog, Scottish GENES about Scottish Nick Names that were used by people living in Glengarry County, Ontario.

As Chris points out on the blog, there are very few “Scottish” Nick Names in the list, but it is worth reading to see if your ancestor is included in the list.

Some samples of Nick Names are -

Donald MacDonald = Big Donald The Blacksmith

Sandy MacDonald = Sandy Schoolmaster

John McPhee = Old Man of Cold

John MacDonald = Johnny Alex the Cook

Alex McDonald = Alex the Grocer

The website which has the list is

Many thanks to Dianne for sending a notice of the list to Chris, and my thanks to Chris for putting it on his blog this afternoon.

Ottawa Genealogical Society Blog

The Ottawa Genealogy Society has a new blog at

Published since June 10th, I learned about it last evening while attending the AGM of Ottawa Genealogy Society at Library and Archives Canada.

I went to their site this morning, and found out that Mike More (the former chair of the Ottawa Genealogy Society, and the Region VIII Director), Edward Kipp (the editor of the Ottawa Genealogist, the Branch’s newsletter), Jim Stanzell (the Publications Officer), and Tom White (the Program Officer) all contribute to the blog on a regular basis.

For instant, while talking to Jim last night, I learned that he is putting on information on the War of 1812. Right now, he has the first of many postings on War of 1812, and this one will interest those who have ancestors in the 100th Regiment of Foot who settled in the Goulbourn Township, Carleton County near Ottawa.

I wish everybody concerned success in this blog. It is always good to see new genealogy blogs come on the scene with important information.