Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Toronto Trust Cemeteries Indexing Project Milestone

The Toronto Family History Society of the OGS has a blog, and the other day they posted that their partnership with Salt Lake City has yielded yet another milestone concering the index of Toronto Trust Cemeteries.

The following will be online at

» York General Burying Ground (Potter’s Field) 1826 to 1855

» Toronto Necropolis 1877 to 1935 (1850 to 1877 were already available)

» Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1876 to 1903

The recent records includes plot owners, next of kin names, full addresses, and all have been indexed.

They are asking for more indexers. There are more records in progress: Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1904 to 1935, and Prospect Cemetery 1890 to 1935.

They would welcome your help. Please contact Jane MacNamara at if you would like to participate. Their blog is at