Thursday, January 26, 2012

Formation of a Scottish Interest Group - OGS

Christine Woodcock, the OGS Provincial Region IV Director, has put forward the idea of forming a Scottish Special Interest Group as part of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

She writes that -

"I am interested in forming a Scottish Special Interest group through the OGS. In order for the Scottish SIG to work, we will need 25 members as a minimum. I am hopeful that we will get this support. If you are aware of anyone in your respective branches, who may have an interest in joining this group, please pass along my e-mail address to them and I will be in touch with them from there.

I am hoping that this SIG will be a supportive group in terms of those researching Scottish Ancestors, and I am also hoping that we will be able to provide some training opportunities as well.

At this time, I would think that the membership fees will be the same as for the British Home Child SIG, which is $5 over and above your OGS annual membership".

You may contact her at