Friday, December 16, 2011

Age of Sail Heritage Museum

The federal government has just announced a $130,000 contribution toward the Cumberland County project the Age of Sail Heritage Museum at Port Greville, Nova Scotia. It will allow for the completion of the Wind, Waves and Tides exhibit building.

The press release says that "The completed facility, which will resemble a ship’s hull, will provide room for additional exhibit displays, storage of artifacts and genealogy research, as well as more space for workshops and community meetings".

The museum first opened in 1994, and it highlights the history of Parrsboro Shore communities along the Minas Channel of the Bay of Fundy with an emphasis on the area's shipbuilding and lumbering heritage.

It hosts a museum in an 1854 church, local blacksmith shop from the Wagstaff and Hatfield shipyard, as well as the Port Greville Lighthouse circa 1908, and a boathouse. Local genealogy and research material are also available.

The website is