Saturday, September 12, 2015

Canadian Genealogy News (CGN) 12 September 2015

Here are some news items which have come across my desk this morning - 

Oldest society in Manitoba accepts women

St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg. Manitoba has accepted women as members.

A private society, almost as old as Manitoba itself, has opened its doors to its first-ever female members, as they approved four applications from women. Up until now, the 145-year old society, had men of Scottish descent as members.

The purposes of the society is to promote and preserve the Scottish culture and tradition for the people of Manitoba and the promotion of public understanding of the Scots' role in the origins and development of the province.

The society was responsible for the installation of The Scots Monument on Waterfront Drive in Fort Douglas Park, and the Settlers' Statue on Waterfront Drive at the foot of Bannatyne Avenue.

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Point Prim Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island
Many of you may be aware that the Point Prim Lighthouse will become the sole property and responsibility of the Point Prim Lighthouse Society in November. All costs associated with the Light will now be born solely by the Society.
The Society was wondering if anyone had historical pictures of the Lighthouse inside or out, that they would gift the reproduction rights to the Society. The idea is that the Society would sell Pictures, Postcards, Posters and Bookmarks of the lighthouse as part of our ongoing fundraising efforts.
The Point Prim Lighthouse was built in 1845, and it is the first and oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. It is also one of only a few round brick lighthouses in Canada
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