Monday, August 1, 2011

Lambton Lifeline

In the June 2011 edition of Lambton Lifeline are a number of interesting articles -

Alan Campbell writes about "Loyal Orange Lodges of Lambton County" in Part II. He is still "seeking an explanation of some of the information found in following chart of the Loyal Orange Lodges of Lambton".

He has put in a two-page chart covering Lambton County East and West, showing the place where the lodge originated, and the date of the warrant.

So if anyone can be of help, please contact Alan at

Ann Hentschel give a good summary of the meetings held by the Lambton County Genealogical Society.

At the February meeting, Eliza Grueing gave a talk about growing up in Germany during WWII, wile Alan Campbell gave a talk on researching newspapers in the March meeting, and Gail Benjafield — although she did not give a talk to the society — wrote an article on how family lore can "often be misleading and difficult to unravel".

You can go to their Lambton County Branch website at