Friday, August 31, 2012

Legacy Family Tree Webinars

On Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure of listening to a Webinar given by Judy G. Russell CG called “Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence” put on by Legacy Family Tree.

The Webinar (which lasted almost 2 wonderful hours!) concentrated on using indirect evidence to construct a family tree.

She used a case study to show how finding all records and citing the sources of evidence, analyzing all the data, and resolving conflicts as they arise was the way to solve the particular problem she had – how to construct a family tree with a group of dates from a family Bible.

Obviously, Webinars are becoming more popular now with 1,700 people worldwide checking in to view this Webinar. And these Webinars are FREE! (for a certain amount of time after after their initial date of viewing).

It looks like I will be reserving Wednesday afternoons now so that I can take in future Webinars.

Next Wednesday, they will have Lisa Alzo (familiar to OGS people because she has talked here at different conferences), and she will talk on September 5th. The topic will be “Beyond the Arrival Date: Extracting More from Passenger Lists”.

To see which one you will want to listen to, go to