Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WorldVitalRecords Releases Canadian Jewish Data

Jewish Data has partnered with WorldVitalRecords to release over 500,000 records (including tombstones, school yearbook pages, and Citizen Declarations) from hundreds of Jewish cemeteries across the United States, Canada, Germany, and Israel.

In Montreal, the Back River Cemetery (1876-1934), Berri Street entrance; Back River Cemetery (1901-1934), South Denis entrance; Shearit Israel - Spanish and Portuguese Jews (1825-1999); and a portion of Baron De Hirsch Cemetery on Rue de Savane have been transcribed.

There are 23,000 records listed. You can search by the last name and can receive the last name, the first name, the civil year of record, and the location of the record. There is also a picture of the tombstone.

Avraham Laber, President of Jewish Data, said, "Our goal is to provide a home for Jewish records in order to help people study Jewish history and genealogy. Here we have thousands of hours of research already done for people, and it only takes them a few seconds to access the records. If they would search for the same records on their own, it would cost them much more money and time."

I was at a recent convention where David Lifferth, the president of, was giving a talk on "Innovative Family Tools to Connect Families", and "The Fastest Growing Genealogy Resource on the Web!"

He used to be the president of, so he should know what he is talking about, and it seems that he does, with more than 500,000 monthly visits and over 25,000 subscribers.

WorldVitalRecords was founded in 2006.