Thursday, May 28, 2009

FLASH! LAC Announces New Genealogy Collections

From Slyvie Tremblay, Chief, Canadian Genealogy Centre (as of 1130 hrs, 28 May 2009)


I am pleased to announce that new pages are available on the Canadian Genealogy Centre website as of this morning.

You will now find information on Jewish ( and Polish ( in the What to Search : Topics : Ethno-cultural and Aboriginal Groups section.

Also, we now have a page about Heraldry ( in the What to Search : Topics : Other Topics section.”

Pre-OGS Conference '09 (Post 1)

We finally made it to Oakville!

It took us all day yesterday (Wednesday) to get here, but we’re settled in now, and are ready to do a day of research at the neighbouring city of Burlington.

This morning, while having breakfast, we met some fellow OGS members. They were talking about the conference, and this morning’s Chairs Meeting, where they will talk about what has happened over the year in their individual branches, and will discuss this year’s upcoming year.

One Chair has completely digitized her branch’s newsletters, and they will appear on the OGS website for interested parties to buy <>.

Another woman talked about going to the “new” Ontario Archives <> yesterday, and was looking for her uncle, which she, unfortunately, did not find. But she gave the Archives top marks for having the information organized, in a much better fashion than found at their old location.

So it’s off to Burlington with our friend, June Coxon, to search for her ancestor, Charles HALES. The first place we’ll hit will be the library, and with any luck, will then head for the cemetery, with the hopes of finding his gravestone and tying up the loose ends of that family, thus making the trip a success!

‘til the next blog …