Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Annual Unreadables Tombstone Challenge

Here is a project started by Canada GenWeb that we can all help with -

Canada GenWeb is looking for people to help decipher tombstones that have been photographed but are unreadable due to being weathered, for example.

And unfortunately there are many photos that are unsearchable because they are difficult, or impossible, to decipher. That means that those named on the stone cannot be found.

To change that,Canada GenWeb are starting the First Annual Unreadables Challenge! The goal is to decipher as many headstones as possible. And they are all across Canada.

Can you help put a name to some of our unreadable stones and possibly help someone find their long-lost relation?

Go to http://geneofun.on.ca/query/?table=NAMES&template=query_challenge&search=FIRST&search=SURNAME&find=(u&smode=S&sort=ASSIGNED,SURNAME,FIRST to see the unreadable tombstones. 

To see what is needed in the way of volunteers, go to http://cemetery.canadagenweb.org/volunteer/index.html