Friday, August 19, 2011

Juvenile Inspection Reports

I have been reading about the immigration to Canada of children from Britain, and the creation of inspection report cards as they carried out regular inspections of the children. I was interested in this because Robert McCauley wrote about a Home Child named Ada Victoria Girling in a paper in this month's Families entitled “Childhood Forgotten: The Story of a Home Child.”

Most of these reports at the Library and Archives Canada concern the British Home Children. Some 100,000 British Home Children immigrated to Canada between between 1869 and 1948.

There is usually one page in the inspection report per child, with the following details -

age or date of birth
year of arrival
name of ship
sending organization, and,
names and addresses of farmers with whom they were placed.

In some cases, you may have to consult the List of Abbreviations to determine the name of the sending organization, such as the Middlemore Home Children in the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

This series also includes inspection cards for some European children, including those brought to Canada by the Armenian Relief Association of Canada (1923-1932) and the Canadian Jewish War Orphans Committee (1920-1921).

The Juvenile Inspections Reports are available on the following microfilm reels, arranged in approximate alphabetical order by the Library and Archives Canada at

T-15420 A to CARDNO, Leslie
T-15421 CARDWELL, Andrew to EVANS, Arthur E.
T-15422 EVANS, Arthur L. to HENDERSON, Ann F.
T-15423 HENDERSON, Charles H. to LOCK, Annie
T-15424 LOCK, Herbert to O'BRIEN, Samuel
T-15425 O'BRIEN, Thomas to SHAW, Victor
T-15426 SHAW, Walter A. to WEALE, Walter
T-15427 WEALLS, Eric to ZYCZYNSKI, Leon

This is the only known source for children sent by the British Immigration and Colonization Association from Britain to Canada.

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