Tuesday, August 16, 2011

National Acadian Day

August 15th was National Acadian Day.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday that “The Acadian people endured early hardships with great resolve and courage to emerge a proud and determined community that continues to make significant contributions to Canada, in every area of endeavour. Their customs, traditions and way of life have become a distinctive part of Canada’s social fabric”.

They have just finished the Acadian Festival and Cyr Family Reunion http://www.acadianfestival.com/

Read about the Congress in 2014 The Acadian World Congress http://www.acadian.org/congres5.html

Acadian Arts & Crafts in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia http://www.yarmouthandacadianshores.com/

They have just had the festival The Acadian Festival of Caraquet http://festivalacadien.ca/en

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