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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Relatively Speaking "Stories"

On the Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS) website at, there is an intriguing webpage called Stories, that I had to take a look at to see what it was all about.
Stories is series of 12 different articles from their Relatively Speaking magazine which includes—according to their website—“fact-finding and methodical articles for the gumshoe genealogist - the opportunity to purchase issues singly or by volume.’’
In addition to the specific article, sometimes they also give three or four related articles for you to read on the subject in the other editions of Relatively Speaking.
Some of the twelve articles are -
Beware of Oral History” by Ken Millions (February 2012). Unverified oral history should always be taken with a grain of salt by the budding genealogist. How true that statement is!
"The Payzants of Edmonton” by Allen Jess (May 2006). A bloody hand print in Falmouth Township, Nova Scotia, the family’s migration route to Alberta, and the history of the ‘penny farthing’ ridden in Edmonton’s Exhibition parades. Wow! All of this in one article!
"Searching for Charlotte” by Marilyn Lappi (February 2012). Read more about “Searching for Charlotte” by Marilyn Lappi in Relatively Speaking, a three-part sequel featured in the February, May, and August 2012 issues. What an interesting read!
So if any of these stories interest you, you can receive Relatively Speaking as part of your membership to the AGS. The membership page is at 
They take a yearly research trip to Salt Lake City, they have the Homestead Index onsite, branches, the bi-annual GenFair, a yearly conference, workshops, and educational courses.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Relatively Speaking

An Index and Summary for the May 2011 Relatively Speaking newsletter of the Alberta Genealogical Society are now online at

In fact, the Index and Summary have been been put online since 2008.

Relatively Speaking is published four times a year, and you can get the full publication if you are a member of the Alberta Genealogical Society.

The email of the newsletter is

The website of the Alberta Genealogical Society is