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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Promoting Canadian History through Horticulture

Doug Grant who is the editor of Loyalist Trails, the weekly newsletter of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, and this week he had an interesting article that showcased the use of gardening to promote Canadian history.

When the Branch was asked by District 9 of the Ontario Horticultural Association to set up a display for the 2012 Ontario Horticultural Association  Convention in Niagara on the Lake, the proposed theme was "Gardening Then & Now 1812-2012" .

Doug says ‘It was the effort of Ann Huffman, Membership Chair of the Branch, that lead to a more successful promotion of the observation of 200 years of peace between Canada and the United States. Through her initiative, the City of Welland created a War o f 1812 garden at one of the prominent sites in town. Ann's description of the process as well as a picture of the final work of horticultural design is visible here. Perhaps she will be equally lucky with her plans to observe the centennial of UELAC in 2014”

Go to to see the wonderful display "Gardening Then and Now 1812 – 2012".

The website of the UELAC is

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Articles for "The Toronto Project"

I came across this notice today in the "Loyalist Trails" UELAC Newsletter 2011-31 Aug 7, 2011 -

"The Toronto Project, which is an online museum of the history of Toronto and its' people, will launch publicly on October 12th at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Amongst a number of initiatives, The Toronto Project is creating a wiki history of the city. This will eventually be an interactive forum open to everyone's contribution. Prior to the public launch of the wiki history, The Toronto Project is looking for contributions of some core articles with which to seed the wiki.

We have been asked to submit stories of our Loyalist ancestors and their contributions to the city of Toronto and the area around. Please submit your story to We will review and edit, if necessary, and forward them on to the project co-ordinators".

Karen Windover UE,President, Toronto Branch