Friday, June 1, 2012

Library and Archives Canada RIP?

Over the past few months, some disquieting news about the future of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has drifted through the genealogy community in Ottawa, and now - worldwide.

Last weekend, I wrote an article about federal government cutbacks at the LAC for Columns, the newsletter for ISFHWE (International Society of Family History Writers and Editors), of which I am the International/At-Large Director.

In the article, I mentioned that the LAC is promoting the digitization of the microfilm that the LAC holds. This is a laudable idea, making the records available for everyone online so that you won't have to go to the LAC in Ottawa. But on the other hand – it is not indexed!

So you will have to spend hours in front of your computer (instead of a microfilm reader) trying to find the person you are looking for. And they are cutting back on the number of people digitizing the microfilm – so what now?

To read the latest posts on the LAC, here are some blogs and websites that you can check -

On to Ottawa Trek, in photos Blogger John D. Reid has been keeping his eye on the LAC ever since he started his Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, He, as well as his readers, have seen the LAC go through its many revisions over the years until it has come to this – a mock funeral held on its doorsteps on May 28, 2012.

Archivists Protest in Ottawa Over Federal Cuts The CBC has a write-up of the mock funeral held in Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen Photos and Video Another story on the mock funeral held in Ottawa.

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