Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canada Voters Lists, 1935-1980 has added voter’s lists to their database online. As they say “Canada Voters Lists is our newest and largest collection to date and the one that may help you discover more of your family’s story”.

They contain such information as name, address, electoral district and occupations.

The women, if they are married at the time, appears as their married name, such as my mother – Mrs. Harold Barclay – not as her maiden name – Florence Blades.

I checked 1948, and 1965, two years in the voter’s list for my parent’s names –

In 1948, they were living with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Westhaver, (train operator), at 37 Summit Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and my father was listed as a meat cutter.

By 1965, we were living in Jordan Falls, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, and my father was a cook.

There can be mistakes in the voter’s list, because the database is an  OCR version from the original record.

For instance, in the 1965 list, my father’s middle name was listed as “cihik”, which was his occupation (cook), not his middle name. So I must correct that.

When time allows, I will check the rest of the family, who lived in southwestern Nova Scotia. It will be helpful when I marry together the year’s that members were in the United States, and when they returned to Nova Scotia.

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