Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ONLINE PETITION! Domaine d’été des Pères Sainte-Croix

The Outaouais Heritage WebMagazine of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network has an online petition to help save a beautiful and unique piece of Quebec’s religious heritage.

The Domaine d’été des Pères Sainte-Croix located at 1565 chemin des Pères, Lac-Simon, is currently threatened by developers. Dating to the 1930s, this retreat was built to resemble a steamship on a majestic 45-acre property overlooking Lac-Simon, in the Outaouais region of Quebec, northeast of Ottawa.

Please sign the online petition calling upon the municipality of Lac-Simon to protect this building in its entirety. The petition is on

The website is at http://outaouais.quebecheritageweb.com/news/save-lac-simons-domaine-d%E2%80%99ete-des-peres-sainte-croix-sign-online-petition

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your support. It is very much appreciated. Municipality of Lac-Simon will have a public consultation on the subject on December 8th 2012 from 9AM-noon. It will be an important day to voice our opinions on the importance to protect this important piece of our heritage.
Please SIGN the petition and make sure to SHARE the link with friends and family.

Chantal Crête