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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ready to go to SLC on a research trip?


Well, they are getting ready at the Medicine Hat Genealogical Society, but they still have room for more members!

They will travel by motor coach, and it will depart from Medicine Hat on May 3rd, with pickup in Lethbridge. They will overnight in Butte, Montana, arriving in Salt Lake City on May 4th. The group departs Salt Lake City on May 9th overnighting in Butte, Montana and arriving in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat on May 10th.

It includes motor coach, accommodations, two breakfasts, taxes and gratuities. Partners are welcome to come, but if they are not researching, they must arrange their own entertainment.

For more information, contact: Janis, Travel Agent Next Door at 403.529.7415 or Debbie, MHDGS Coordinator at 403.526.1865

The website for the research trip is at

Plus, I notice that there is a short survey about Relatively Speaking, their journal on the website

Check the Canadian Week in Review every Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed this week’s edition, it is at

 It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!

It has been a regular post every Monday morning since April 23, 2012.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A one-day workshop on Genetic Genealogy

The Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is planning a one-day workshop on 6 June 2015 on Genetic Genealogy and its uses in family history research.

The press release says that "We are looking for speakers who would like to be take part. The workshop will deal with the main types of DNA testing that are used by genealogists as well as how the results from genetic testing are used in conducting or supporting genealogical research. We hope to offer lectures for audiences at the beginner level as well as for people with a more advanced level of knowledge who have used DNA testing”.

The details are at

The deadline is this Saturday 17 January 2015.

Meanwhile, details of the first annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Colloquium, the final draft of the Genetic Genealogy Standard has officially been announced and released! They are finishing the guidelines for Y-DNA and mtDNA testing and interpretation, and they are putting together some guidance for citing DNA test results in reports, scholarship, and in general.

You can

If you haven’t done so already, remember to check the Canadian Week in Review Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed this week’s edition, it is at

It's the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!

It has been a regular post every Monday morning since April 23, 2012.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Eastern European Family History Conference

The Foundation for East European Family History Studies is presenting The Eastern European Family History Conference which will be held from August 11-15, 2014 at the Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City, in Utah.

This year’s program will provide two and one-half days of presentations, preceded by optional workshops, and followed by time to research in the nearby Family History Library. The presentations will be Wednesday through Friday, August 12-15, and the pre-conference workshops will be Monday and Tuesday, August 10-11.

Some of the speakers will be Canadian genealogist Dave Obee, in addition to Thomas K. Edlund, Joe Everett and Nathan Murphy, just to name a few of the top-notch speakers that will be at Salt Lake City. .

To see the full program, go to

There is also a blog at

Friday, March 7, 2014

Family History Library: Orders for Microfilm and Fiche Will Be Restricted During April, 2014

FamilySearch posted this notice on their blog Mar 6th –

“The Granite Mountain Vault will be shifting a large amount of films into their newly renovated space. This entails moving half a million rolls of film, and numerous cabinets of fiche and digital media. Since it will be risky to pull items during this time, the Family History Library will not be able to order microfiche or any microfilms above 1,881, 705. Film and fiche with numbers less than 1,881,704 and lower can still be ordered.

This move is scheduled for early April of 2014 and will last about two weeks. Another update will be posted as soon as we have more information.

We are sorry for the inconvenience”.

Friday, February 28, 2014

RootsTech 2014 Wrap-up

FamilySearch has put on a wrap-up of the Roots Tech Conference 2014 on their blog at

They say that nearly 13,000 people attended this year’s conference, and there will be another 130,000 people are expected to attend local history fairs as they are held throughout the world in the months ahead.

I was interested to read that Dennis Brimhall, CEO of FamilySearch, talked about “the dash,” - the line between the date of birth and the date of death on a person’s tombstone or genealogical record. 

The blog says that “He described how traditionally genealogy tends to focus on names, dates, and places in a family tree. However, the expanding interest in family history today, where the vast majority of people are drawn into their ancestors’ lives, focuses on the countless stories represented by the dash”. 

I have been working on a column for an online magazine in which I discuss the question Is Family History morphing into Life Stories? I layout the process which I think has spurred the subject forward from genealogy, to family history (social history) and finally to life stories (personal history). It is now a combination of all three disciplines – ending with the life story of an ancestor. 

I will let you know when the column is published.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Updates to the Family History Library Catalogue

FamilySearch has made long awaited changes, here and there, to the Family History Library Catalogue, and has incorporated the “old” and “new” catalogue into one entity.

For example, the catalogue does a title search that includes subtitles and inclusive dates, the main author in bold type, and it displays additional places.

And the names of the catalogue searches are now the same as they were in the old catalogue, which s good to hear.

As someone who uses FamilySearch on a regular basis to search for those books and periodicals (some of which can be found in no other place on the Internet), I depend on their being a good useable catalogue at my disposal.

Postscript: The Canadian Week in Review will be published tomorrow as a special military issue as Canada begins its Veterans Week from November 5th to the 11th.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RootsTech 2014 - Call for Papers

This notice was released yerterday -

"Presentation proposals will be accepted online at from June 17—July 8, 2013. Due to the volume of presentation proposals we receive, please submit no more than five proposals per speaker. Limited, late-breaking technology submissions will be accepted, upon approval, until October 1, 2013.

Speakers selected to present at RootsTech 2014 will be notified by August 2, 2013. Syllabus materials (PDF file) for selected presentations will be due by November 1, 2013. Speakers who don’t submit syllabus materials on time may be removed from the schedule.

Presenters participating in RootsTech 2014 will receive a complimentary conference registration and access to all syllabus materials. Out-of-state speakers selected to present three or more presentations will also receive hotel accommodations. There is no monetary compensation for presenting at this conference".

Questions can be emailed to the attention of the RootsTech Speaker Selection Committee at

To see the full post, go to

Friday, April 5, 2013

FamilySearch UPDATE: The Canada Wiki

I just heard from Lisa who is a consultant at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for the work on the Canada Wiki pages, and she has asked for our assistance

She says that “We are starting to post tasks on the FamilySearch Wiki to help us get the Ontario pages ready for a major renovation. If anyone would like to do some wiki reading and editing on the project they can find tasks at

This project is in the beginning stages, but we hope to make the FamiliySearch Wiki a valuable place to find resource and record help for Ontario genealogists. As we finish Ontario we will move on to complete the same tasks in other provinces of Canada”.

So if you can help in any way, you can email Lisa at

If you are already helping to read, write or edit Canadian Wiki Project pages at FamilySearch, let me know, so that I and the readers of this blog can recognize your good work.

Friday, March 1, 2013

FamilySearch Library Changes Hours

If you are going to Salt Lake City after April 13th, the Family History Library will change its Saturday hours to 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Previously, it had been open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

“This change is being made so that valuable staff and volunteer resources can be allocated to other busier times during the week that have greater patron demand,” said Don Anderson, director of the Family History Library. “This change will facilitate better service to patrons during the high-demand hours.”

To see the hours that the library is open during the week, if

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UPDATE: Policy Change for Patrons Requesting Photocopies From the Family History Library

Has anyone seen this notice on the latest post on Family Search blog?

Appearently, Merrill White from the Family History Library posted on the Family Search blog the other day that as of Feb 4 “all requests for information copied from films, book pages, CDs, marriage, death or birth certificates, wills and/or deeds, etc. will be copied in digital format and emailed to patrons in a zipped PDF or JPG file format. There is no charge for this service if we are able to email to information to patrons”.

They say that patrons of the library can request copies by emailing their request to All requests MUST include the following information -

■Film or Fiche number

■Item number

■Name of Individual(s) referred to in the record

■Title of the record

■Name of parents, spouse, grantor, grantee, etc.

■Event type (Birth, Death or Marriage)

■Complete event date and place

■Event place (county, parish, township, etc.)

■Volume or page number

■Registration or Certificate Number

■Any other information that will help us locate your record

Friday, October 5, 2012

New FamilySearch Video

The other day, I learned that FamilySearch Center had put a new 10 minute video on the Family Seach site.

So I decided to take a look.

The title of the video is “Doing Research in Real Time-An Exhilarating Collaboration Experience!", and a team of researchers led David E. Rencher as he sets about researching in real time. The team was from around the country, and used records in Salt Lake City,, and from other parts of the U.S., for example, Alabama in real time.

I found that it gave a very good picture of how the research is done. And I would recommend it to everyone to get your genealogy done in a resonable amount of time.

The video is at

There is a The Wiki Article/Handout link at, that you can print out and use for reference later on, and a survey that you can complete.

The website for FamilySearch is at

Saturday, September 29, 2012

John D. Reid is Going to RootsTech

Earlier this week, I posted that RootsTech was staring to fill up with people going to their 2013 conference (held March 21 to 23, 2013 in Salt Lake City), and now I read where John D. Reid, a blogger of all things Anglo-Celtic in Canada, and the official blogger at BIFHSGO,, is going to take in next year’s conference.

I will be waiting here in Ottawa for his posts on the conference, as he always seems to be able to pick out interesting people to talk to and things to do, while at these gatherings.

Also, I noticed that he mentioned that I was in the Oct/Nov 2012 issue of Internet Genealogy with an article on “Researching English Ancestors in the Province of Quebec”.

We both agree with the statement that while “researching English-speaking ancestors in Quebec ...  the Quebec Family History Society is fast becoming the place to conduct initial research because of the databases they hold or access”.

If you want to hear what Gary Schroder, President of the Quebec Family History Society has to say about the “Cadastral Numbers System: The Key to Quebec Land Records” then you should listen to Brian Glenn's interview with him in a two-part series on

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Toronto Trust Cemeteries Indexing Project Milestone

The Toronto Family History Society of the OGS has a blog, and the other day they posted that their partnership with Salt Lake City has yielded yet another milestone concering the index of Toronto Trust Cemeteries.

The following will be online at

» York General Burying Ground (Potter’s Field) 1826 to 1855

» Toronto Necropolis 1877 to 1935 (1850 to 1877 were already available)

» Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1876 to 1903

The recent records includes plot owners, next of kin names, full addresses, and all have been indexed.

They are asking for more indexers. There are more records in progress: Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1904 to 1935, and Prospect Cemetery 1890 to 1935.

They would welcome your help. Please contact Jane MacNamara at if you would like to participate. Their blog is at

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Bruce & Grey Branch Family Story Contest

For the second year, the KEN YOUNG FAMILY STORY FOR GREY COUNTY and the BETTY WILSON FAMILY STORY FOR BRUCE COUNTY is being sponsored by the Bruce & Grey County Branch of the OGS. 

The story must be a previously unpublished work in essay form, 800 to 1500 words in length telling of the arrival, the life, or other interesting detail of your family in Bruce or Grey County.

The entrants must be a member of BGOGS or another branch of OGS., and the winner will be announced at the Bruce Grey Annual Fall Event in September 2012

Please submit your entry by e-mail to or by regular mail to BGOGS, Box 66, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5P1.

The winners will receive a Certificate of Achievement and the Township CD of their choice. The winning stories will be published in the Branch Newsletter with the author retaining the copyright. 

The Branch is also inviting members to a fall trip for research to Salt Lake City on August 12-18, 2012.


I have just published two booklets - The War of 1812: Canada and the United States, and Migration: Canada and the United States.

They are available for purchase through Global Genealogy at, and the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at

For more on the booklets, go to and

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Canadian Blogger will be at RootsTech 2012

Just finished reading the latest posting by Canadian genealogist Joan Miller at and she will be at RootsTech 2012 to be held in Salt Lake City from Feb 2nd to Feb 4th next year.

She is going to be a presenter at the conference, and she will be on an "international panel of colleagues discussing genealogy and social media".

So if you are at RootsTech, be sure to take in the panel discussion, and if you are a blogger, write about the panel in your blog.

Joan also said that if you want to be kept informed about what is going on, be sure to join the RootsTech Mailing List at

Have fun, Joan, and say "Hello" to all of our American Cousins!