Thursday, February 14, 2013

UELAC Conduct Online Survey

Robert C. McBride UE, Editor of The Loyalist Gazette and UELAC Dominion President has sent this press release out last evening -

“As every organization should do, the UELAC is reviewing its communications with members and others. Please take this short survey to tell us how we are reaching you and for those who receive it, in more detail, your thoughts about The Loyalist Gazette.

Those who took the test version said it took about five minutes, but we would appreciate you taking a little longer to add a comment or three. For those who already took the survey as part of the test group, there is no need to take it again. Once you have taken the survey, if you wish to change any of your answers, use the same computer and just click on the survey link again to reenter the survey and make changes.

The world around us changes. We need to be mindful of those changes, and to move with them, but in a way that can best serve your interests.

The survey will be open until end of day Sunday March 3, 2013. Please help us by telling us what you think”.

To take the survey now, go to

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