Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How accurate are French Canadian immigration records?

In August, Nathan W. Murphy, wrote a blog on the FamilySearch website, where he wondered out loud about how accurate French Canadian record are – especially French Canadian immigration records.

As he reviewed his French Canadian ancestry at FamilySearch, he realized that “some of my ancestors are literally in the database 100s of times”!

To get around this problem, he used Ficher Origine, which he explains in his blog posting. You put in the name you are researching, and there you will see the latest up-to-date information on your immigrant ancestor. It should help you sort out your ancestors, one from the other.

So give it a try.


Unknown said...

Is this actually reasonable. It is mentioned in the blog that the count of french immigrants is considerably less.The fact that the same name appears more than 100 times raises serious concerns about the accuracy of the records. Was on the look out for some information regarding Canadian immigration services when i found this read.

Ruby said...

There's probably a lot of gunk in that mesh of records there, tsk. It's absolutely paramount to scrutinize and weed those out. Just as it's equally important to build a clear archiving system there, and a mean backup tech to add to that.