Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get savings from Ancestry.ca

Have you ever subscribed to Ancestry.ca monthly newsletter? If you haven’t subscribed yet, maybe you should consider doing so now, because they are offering savings on products for the month of December.

If you subscribe to the December Holiday Issue: 'Tis the season! you can get exclusive savings on Family Tree Maker 2014, Blurb and more!

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Amber said...

When I click on the link you provide, it opens up my Ancestry account but gives me an error message...I subscribe to the Ancestry.com newsletter but would love to subscribe to the Ancestry.ca newsletter - or is it the same thing? I have a World subscription through Ancestry.ca at the moment but will be changing over to a World subscription through Ancestry.co.uk soon. Any suggestions on how to get the newsletter option to work?