Friday, July 25, 2014

Gae­no­vium: A new kind of conference

They say in their press release that “Gae­no­vium is the genea­logy tech­no­logy con­fe­rence, by genea­logy tech­no­logists for genealogy technologists. Gaenovium is exclusively for academics, developers and visionaries at the forefront of genealogy technology. 

Leaders in genealogy technology come together to learn from each other, discuss current issues, explore the bleeding edge, share their wisdom and insight, passionately argue their viewpoints, and just have an all-around good time”. 

A lecture will be given by Louis Kessler from Winnipeg, and some of the other speakers are Timo Kracke, Tony Proctor, and Michel Brinckman. 

Gae­no­vium 2014 takes place on 7 October 2014 in Leiden, Netherlands. It will be a small and intimate event, and includes an all-attendees dinner. and RootsTech are the official sponsors. 

They just started a Facebook page yesterday at 

They also have started a blog at 

Postscript: I have just sent an email them to ask that the panel discussion - Current & Future Genealogical Exchange Standards be an HOA broadcast. If you feel the same way, you can write to them on their Facebook page or you can email them. Let’s see if we can convince them to present the panelists in an Hangout on Air.

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Jen said...

I don't understand why do you assume they're not doing video?