Friday, September 12, 2014

Niagara Peninsula has a new website!

The Niagara Peninsula of the Ontario Genealogical Society has a new website, and it is exciting because of the new features that are on the site. 

In addition to having a new website (which is very neat and well organized), they are also starting to put video of their meetings and cemetery tours under the heading of Media! 

Last evening, I watched a video of their last meeting, and I was impressed with the quality and media presence of the presenters. I was left with the thought that everyone should do this. It’s a great way to tell everybody about your Branch or Chapter for free!  

So why isn’t this an initiative from the head office? Maybe it is, and we are just finding out about it, but I don’t think so. 


Steve Fulton said...

Thanks for the review - We are very Pleased with the new site. There will be much more to see and do as soon as we get it all uploaded.

Thanks again

Steve Fulton UE

Steve Fulton said...
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Steve Fulton said...

I just wish to add that not all things come from P.O. - alot of ideas do but also have come from branches. This is a good thing, more creativity and sharing to make things better for the members and the genealogy community. Steve

Michael F Harris said...

Thanks for the info. My wife's line is all over Ontario, this may help out a lot.