Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goenovium Conference updates

Last month, we first heard about the Goenovium Conference which was to take place on October 7 in Leiden, Netherlands. Their blog is at

The conference took place, and one of the participants was Winnipeg’s and Canada’s own Louis Kessler, and his talk was on Reading wrong GEDCOM right.

He has posted his thought of the conference on his Behold Genealogy blog at, and the slides of his talk is at

He also has Tweets from the conference, plus lots of pictures.
You can also hear about the conference from Sue Adams, a British genealogist, on Dear Myrt’s My Tube channel called Mondays with Myrt at
She was on the panel discussion at the end of the day which was called Panel Discussion: Current & Future Genealogical Exchange Standards. 
They had an interesting discussion on the role of GEDCOM, GEDCOM X, FHISO, FamilySearch, Genealogy APIs, Sync and Market Forces. 
This is of particular interest to me because of the role that FHISO can play in this. I think it goes beyond GEDCOM and GEDCOM X to the heart of having a standard by which information is synced between the different platforms.

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