Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy - Session 1

As I promished in my blog on 06 January 2014 at, I watched Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy yesterday. It passed my test of ‘Was it worhwhile?” with a resounding “Yes!”. I will continue to watch the rest of the study group as it proceeds.
There were a couple things that I learned, and they were -
She is taking the FamilySearch Wiki as the basis of the study. The Wiki is at and is called Principles of Family History Research. She went through Step 1, gave examples, and had good interaction between herself and the comments that were made on Dear Myrt’s Genealogy Community at 
She went over how she organises her computer folders by colors using the program Folder Marker at I think that I wll use that method because right now I don’t use any method. For example, I have my genealogy divided into surnames starting with Andrew Barclay, George Barclay, John Barclay, Cecil Barclay, and my father, Harold Barclay. But I will start to use file folders now. She also has a folder of paper which she had yet to put into appropiate surname folders.
So if you want to watch this seesion, it is on 
Remember to make yourself a member of Dear Myrt’s Genealogy Community before watching the YouTube Google+ Hangout on Air at 
If you haven’t done so alreay, remember to check the Canadian Week in Review Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.
It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!


DearMYRTLE said...

Thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth. I couldn't do it with out the assistance of Cousin Russ who bring comments posted in the community into the conversation.

Let me know how the folder color coding works out for you. :)

Cousin Russ said...


Thanks for tuning in. I think we ALL learned something today. Hope that the future Hangouts On Air as helpful as well.

Stay Tuned. No, let me invite you to join is.

Please let us know how this series works for you and please leave comments in the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community with these Recordings.

Thank you,


(aka Cousin Russ)