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Thursday, February 28, 2013

PEI Diaries, Family Histories, and Memoirs

The Island Register, a newsletter from Dave Hunter of Prince Edward Island, has put on Diaries, Family Histories, and Memoirs on his online site.

Some of them are -
1939 Travel Diary of John Winsloe - diary of an 80 year old Guernsey Cove man's ten thousand mile trip"

J. Henri Gaudet's series, Tignish Tellings - a history of the town and people of Tignish posted with the permission of his brother, Charlie Gaudet

The Murder of Robert C. Cudmore

The Yorston Family of PEI

A Northport Kitchen Table Interview: Reg MacLellan and Wilf Gaudin on Alberton and Rumrunning Times - taped interview transcribed by Faye Pound.

History Of Greenwich, P.E.I. - by Beverly Sanderson

History Of The Myers Family In Hampton, P.E.I. - by Raymond Myers in about 1972

The Lauretta Brooks Diaries - Summaries from 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, and 1935

1900 Trip to Europe From P.E.I. - Albert Prowse, Merchant, Murray Harbour

My Connections to the Andrews, Day, and Smith Families - Eda Pearl (Nicholson) Pursey

There is an additional 20+ interviews, and family histories on this particular web site.

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