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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tracks through Time Panel Discussion

If you can’t attend the annual Ontario Genealogical Society 2015 Conference in Barrie, Ontario, there is an opportunity to see what you’re missing. They will be web-streaming live their Saturday morning Panel Discussion - Tracks through Time.

Their moderator, Thomas MacEntee and panelists Richard M. Doherty, Dr. Maurice Gleeson, Kirsty Gray and Dave Obee will discuss challenges, concerns and opportunities related to tracking our ancestors and leaving behind our own tracks to follow.

To see and hear the discussion live on YouTube at

The session starts at 8:30 am on Saturday, May 30th and can only be viewed live – there won’t be a recording!

The website for the 2015 Ontario Genealogical Society Conference is at


Need help in finding your Canadian ancestors?

As a nod of the hat to the Ontario Genealogical Conference being held in Barrie, Ontario from May 29 to May 31, may we take this opportunity to offer a month-long discount on our research and consultation services of 15% (ends 11 June at midnight).

Just go to Elizabeth Lapointe Research Services at, or send an email with the subject "special" to to see how I can help you find that elusive Canadian ancestor!
Research Tip! If you have ancestors that lived or passed through the province of Ontario, make your first stop The Ontario Name Index (TONI) at, or its predecessor Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index (OGSPI) at

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society "virtual" meeting

Just a reminder of the Kent Branch monthly meeting this coming Friday night in Chatham. They would like you to join them, and if you are not in the area, then please join them "virtually" via live streaming.

Here are the details -

The meeting will held January 9, 2015 Friday at 7:00 PM on the topic "CK Library - Digital Collection". The Chatham-Kent Public Library recently launched its new digital collection. Staff from the library will tell the attendees all about this valuable resource.

Public is welcome at St Andrews Residence at 99 Park St, Chatham. Please join us live online at this link

The society’s website is

Their Facebook page is at

I will be joining the meeting by live streaming because I want to learn about the Chatham-Kent Public Library's new digital collection.

The genealogy page (which is great, by the way) of the Chatham-Kent Public Library is at

If you haven’t done so already, remember to check the Canadian Week in Review Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed last week’s edition, it is at 

It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live Streaming at SCGS

Did anyone else try to go to the Streaming Video, called Live Streaming, from the Southern California Genealogical Society this past weekend?
Well, I was successful in watching five lectures. But I had problems with the others - I just couldn’t log on for some reason, and I joined others who had the same problem as I according to the message page.
You had to register for each session separately, and that seemed to be the root of the problem.  Having  to  register for each one. Hopefully, they will get it fixed by next year.
However, the five I did hear were –
Steve Luxenberg – His talk was about a family secret (his mother had a secret that no one knew about – a sister), and the method he used to find out about her. Quite thought provoking!
Kerry Bartels – He is an archivist at the Pacific National Archives on the West Coast, and took us through his own journey of privately archiving his own personal family papers that were found in the family home in the mid-west.  The family was originally from Switzerland.
Warren Bittner – This lecture was really interesting on establishing relationships within a family. He took the case of his grand-mother , and tried through census records, city directories, obituaries etc to find her family in New York City. He showed how to work with complex evidence to find the family when they didn’t appear on the census at first glance.  
D. Joshua Taylor – I try never to miss him – he is that good! He talked about using Compiled Genealogies, and how you can use them to work on your own genealogy.
Examples of Compiled Genealogies are journal articles, local history books, Family Associations.
Kerry Bartels – I heard him again. And this time he talked about military records.
I was bemused by the parallels of the National Archives in Washington and our own LAC – the lack of indexes by name of digitised records. This is exactly what we don’t like about the LAC as they put on more, and more of the records without providing a name index. Example, the War of 1812 record!
Unfortunately, the Live Streaming won’t be repeated for Free, but will only be available at the site on the member’s page. Too bad – because it was good what I saw of it!
But they do put on Webinars on a bi-weekly basis. I have listened to them, and the topics are very good.
And there was a 27 page Syllabus (which was available as PDF), and it is full of information for people who have ancestors in the States. The information on William Bittner’s talk was really helpful.
But in spite of everything, I would like to thank Pat Hinkle, the 1st Vice-President  of the SCGS, for all the work she does in making the Jamboree a worthwhile event.
The next one is on June 20th, and it will feature Rick Crume, and his topic will be “Genealogy Hacking: Tricks to Crack Genealogy Web Sites”.
Go to to register for the Webinar.