Sunday, May 15, 2011

Families - May 2011 - Part I

The May 2011 issue of Families, the journal of the Ontario Genealogical Society, marks 50 years of publication this year.

The illustration on the cover of the journal is the first publication that was printed back in August 1962.

Three of the seven papers that have just been published in this issue are as follows -

"Jury Duty - A Opportunity for Genealogists" by Janice Nickerson - The lead paper in this publication, it shows the role that juries played in the justice system in Upper Canada from 1701 to 1841.

"Recording Your Own Life Story in a Family Photo Book" by Joyce Fingland - She tells us how she has taken old photos, edited and/or fixed them up, and then used them to illustrate a book she has written on family history called Our Family. It's also an excellent guide on photo restoration.

"Staff Magazines" by Gwen Patterson - This column is about two staff magazines published by the Bank of Montreal and the Workman's Compensation Board that were celebrating their anniversaries.

Tomorrow's blog posting will cover the remaining papers in this issue.

Families is considered as a part of the member's benefits of OGS. You can join the OGS by going to the webpage, or if you are in Hamilton - drop by and see us in the Marketplace at the Hamilton Convention Centre on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (May 13th to 15th).

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