Sunday, May 15, 2011

Families - May 2011 - Part II

The May 2011 edition of the Ontario Genealogical Society's journal, Families, has been published. This list shows the other four papers of the seven papers published -

"Buggery or Slander: The Trials and Tribulations of Moses Winter" by Guylaine Pétrin - She talks about the court case that she discovered while doing research at the Library and Archives Canada, having found a number of petitions concerning Moses Winters from Etobicoke Township, York County (Ontario) in the 1830s.

"Overcoming Obstacles in Family Lore and More" by E. Gail Benjafield - She discusses one of the most useful tips in breaking through brick walls: checking the sources of "family lore".

"Uncle Bert's Book - A Royal Connection?" by Al Richards - He looks at his family history through an uncle's notebook to see if there is any validation to the notion that there may be British Royal Blood in his lineage.

"Genealogy Services at the Library and Archives Canada" by Nicole Waiter - An employee of Library and Archives Canada, she write about the services that the LAC offers free of charge to the public.

Families is considered as a part of the member's benefit of the OGS. You can join the OGS by going to the webpage If you are in Hamilton, please drop by and see us in the Marketplace at the Hamilton Convention Centre on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (May 13th to 15th).

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