Saturday, December 10, 2011

Query on Silence

Here is a query sent us about an ancestor named "Silence" -

"Hi there:

A few years ago there was a show called Ancestors in the Attic. One of the first shows had a segment on "Silence".

Silence was a gr. gr. gr. grandmother of mine. I just happened to catch the programme and did not think of taping it.

I have been in touch with the History Channel, with no luck.

I am asking if anyone out there has a copy of this programme, I would appreciate a copy.  I have forgotten so much of the information on the programme and would like to have it for my family memoir.

Anyone out there who has information on how to obtain a copy, please get in touch.

Happy holidays, & a Very Merry Christmas"

If you can help Pamela, please email her at


Jackie Corrigan said...

Here's some info about the show from
Segment 3 - Silence
Written & Directed by Mike Downie.
Filmed in Penetanguishene, Ontario.

Barbara Anderson of Peterborough, Ontario, is in search of a name. She'd like our panel of genealogical experts to help her trace her aboriginal roots. She knows the name of her great-great-great grandfather, John Craddock, a British officer who died fighting Napoleon's army at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The details of Craddock's life are easily found, but the records are silent on the name of his wife, the typical fate of a woman, especially an aboriginal woman, in early 19th Century Upper Canada. Despite the daunting challenge, ingenious detective work by our team finally reveals the remarkable English name of Barbara's ancestor. Armed with the new information, Barbara finally feels she can give this forgotten woman back her identity, and her dignity.
The shows were produced by Primitive Entertainment. Perhaps they can help.

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hello, Jackie,

Thank you so much for the answer. I wish I had your email address or blog name (it's not in your Blogger profile) so I could do so privately, but nonetheless, I contacted Pamela with the good news, and she replied, "I have a good feeling about this. Peace & thank you".

I appreciate your dropping by and helping out.

Thanks again, Jackie.


Ruby Claire said...

I am asking if anyone out there has a content of this program, I would appreciate a content. I have overlooked so much of the details on the program and would like to have it for my loved ones precious moment.

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