Tuesday, April 23, 2013

71st Annual National Volunteer Week Apr 21 - 27

National Volunteer Week pays tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers who donate their time and talents to our communities.

This special event began in 1943 to draw attention to the vital contribution women made to the war effort on the home front. Although this week was largely forgotten after the war ended, it experienced a revival in the late 1960s, when organizations stressed the importance of thanking volunteers across Canada.

This is the largest celebration of civic participation in Canada.

CanadaGenWeb www.facebook.com/pages/CanadaGenWeb-Cemetery-Project/150618738362392?fref=ts On their Facebook page, CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project publicly says ‘Thank you” to its volunteers.

The Cemetery Project is a program is run entirely by volunteers, and it would not be able to offer a cemetery directory, transcripts, indexes and photos without their commitment and support.


Susan said...

It's nice to see you share my views Elizabeth. Thanks for joining in the recognition!

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Susan,

Yes, they do so much for us. Where would we be without volunteers eg the volunteer indexers at FamilySearch