Saturday, April 27, 2013

Celebrating the Heritage of Cascapedia Bay, Quebec

This is a press release from The Chaleur Bay Military Museum, the Cascapedia River Museum and the Gaspesian British Heritage Village telling us of a video project which they are undertaking -

'The Chaleur Bay Military Museum, the Cascapedia River Museum and the Gaspesian British Heritage Village are working together to produce a series of videos focusing on the history of the Cascapedia Bay area. These videos will tell the story of the community and the magnificent countryside, and will be available as four downloadable video podcasts.

Each bilingual “vodcast” will take the viewer on a drive through the modern-day landscape while highlighting important sites and events from the past. Photos and descriptions of former landmarks will take the viewer back in time - the Dimock Creek ferry, logging and fishing on the Cascapedia River, one-room schoolhouses, inns and hotels, sawmills, blacksmith shops and military history, cemeteries and residences - will all be showcased. In addition, interviews previously carried out with community members will be included.

The project is financially supported by the Fonds de soutien à la mise en valeur du patrimoine culturel, a partnership between the Conférence régionale des élus Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications.

It is part of the ongoing work that the Military Museum, River Museum and Gaspesian Village carry out to ensure that the important heritage and history of the community is preserved, shared and celebrated. The three partners are very excited about this initiative and are looking forward to increased collaboration in the future.

It is anticipated that these vodcasts will be available for viewing in October 2013. If you have any photos or videos you feel should be included, please bring them by the Cascapedia River Museum or the Gaspesian British Heritage Village during opening hours".

The website of the Cascapedia River Museum is at and the email is

The website of the Gaspesian British Heritage Village is at, and the email is

The website of the Chaleur Bay Military Museum is at


Linda said...

Very interesting! I need to look more into my Gaspé lines and learn about the region because I can`t seem to get very far back!

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Linda,

Are the names Anglo or French? If English, have you tried the Quebec Fanily History Society, or the Library and Archives Canada, or the Quebec Archives?


Linda said...

One of my main lines is Cyr, which is French, but I found one married to a Coal, which I don't know the origin of. I might have to find where church records were kept before the church in Paspebiac was created (I only get back to circa 1800). I will try those sources though, thanks! I haven't had to rely on much other than the Drouin collection yet.