Friday, August 9, 2013

The Mystery Quilt

The Argyle Shore Women's Institute was presented with a quilt that had a number of names embroidered from the years 1903 – 1904.  

The mystery is to find out why all the names appeared on the quilt and    for what was the purpose.  If anyone has a clue to this mystery please contact Beverley MacHail at 902.675.2851 or e-mail

Belle Campbell, Boston, Mass.
Grace Melinda Campbell,  Argyle Shore
Mary Campbell, Argyle Shore
R.W. Deamon, Birmingham, England
Samuel Deamon, Birmingham, England
Annie Gordon, Appin Road
John A. Hains, R.C.H.I. - SA, Charlottetown
Rosslin McDougall, Summerside
Mack McKenzie
Aussie McLean, Boston City Hospital
Grace MacLean, Argyle Shore
Katie Murchison, North River
Bessie Jemina McNeill, 9 Mile Creek,
Josephine Alexandria McNeill, 9 Mile Creek
Neil MacNevin,    Argyle Shore
Euphemia Eliza McPhail, Argyle Shore
Goodwill MacPhail, Argyle Shore
Harry MacPhail
Lulu Grace McPhail, Argyle Shore
Malcolm MacPhail, Brookville, Mass.
Portia MacPhail, Bonshaw
Selina MacPhail, Argyle Shore
Cassie McRae, Bonshaw
Jemina McRae, Bonshaw,
Maggie Martin, Brookville, Mass.
E.B. Robertson, North River
Archibald Steward, Argyle Shore
Lulu Stewart, Westville
Isabel Stewart, Westville
James Earnest Smith, Argyle Shore
Eliza Webster, French Fort
Archie Vessey, Little York
Eliza Vessey, Little York

Note:  Teachers:  Lulu Sewart 1903 and Cassie McRae 1904

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