Monday, November 4, 2013

New Updates to the Family History Library Catalogue

FamilySearch has made long awaited changes, here and there, to the Family History Library Catalogue, and has incorporated the “old” and “new” catalogue into one entity.

For example, the catalogue does a title search that includes subtitles and inclusive dates, the main author in bold type, and it displays additional places.

And the names of the catalogue searches are now the same as they were in the old catalogue, which s good to hear.

As someone who uses FamilySearch on a regular basis to search for those books and periodicals (some of which can be found in no other place on the Internet), I depend on their being a good useable catalogue at my disposal.

Postscript: The Canadian Week in Review will be published tomorrow as a special military issue as Canada begins its Veterans Week from November 5th to the 11th.


Isabella Keeler said...

With an organized catalog, it'll be easier for someone who uses FamilySearch to search for the books and periodicals that they need. It feels like you're looking for a needle in a haystack when all those old and new stuff aren't categorized. I've read how the changes took place, and I'm glad to see constant progress! :)

Isabella Keeler @

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Isabella,

Yes, its so important to keep up with improvements, isn't it.

Nearly everyday I have a need to go there, and I always find that they have done something new to the catalogue.


Ésprit said...

Thanks for the post. I've never even really paid attention to the changes, unless it completely impedes what I'm doing, like when the site is down (it's been down for me a couple times). Upgrades are usually always good, even if it annoys us in the beginning...

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

You are welcome!

I try to keep up with the updates, and pass them along to everyone