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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Ottawa Genealogist April-June 2014

First of all, congratulations to Edward Kipp, editor of the The Ottawa Genealogist, the newsletter of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, for they won this year’s Dr. Don Brearley Newsletter Award. It was announced at the OGS conference held in Brock University in St. Catharines this year.

 Since I live in the Ottawa area, it is my ‘home’ newsletter, and I particularly like the articles in it each issue. I never miss the genealogical travels that Edward and Elizabeth Kipp make to Salt Lake City, down to New York State, and other places because I enjoy them so much. Well done!

In this issue, some of the articles are –

Merrill Allan Clay A Veteran of World War I and World War II by Marilyn Adair. She tells of her father’s service in the First World War as a Sapper with the Canadian Division , Corps of Engineers, Signal Company in France, and Belgium.

The Rathbun Family and the Town of Deseronto by Joyce Fingland where she writes about the Rathbun Company in Deseronto, a company that built its fortune on prepared lumber for the American and overseas market, the railway which ran through the town, and the Portland cement company.

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2014 by Ellen Paul. Ellen tells of her experience at the Salt Lake City Institute and how the instructor helped her along the path of trying to breaking down her brick walls.

Ottawa Heritage Day Celebration 2014 was well-attended, and received a good review in this issue, and there is the Early Bytown Settlers Index as well in this issue which covers surnames beginning with N, O, P, and Q.

Plus, there are many more news items to read. There is the library branch news, special interest group news, historic plaques, and a message from the Chair.

In order to receive this newsletter, you must be a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, and the Ottawa Branch of the OGS.

They have a special right now where you can join for half of the year for $35.00. Go for more information.

The local Ottawa Genealogical society site is

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ottawa Genealogist – Winter 2013 Edition

The most recent edition of The Ottawa Genealogist has just been released, having received my copy in the mail the other day. It is the newsletter of the Ottawa Branch of the OGS.

Of the articles, George Neville submitted a list of names in his article, Petition of Inhabitants of North Gower for Magistrates in Johnstown District No. 3, in which the men of the township are asking that a magistrate be appointed. Meanwhile, Jim Stanzell provides readers with his Early Bytown Settlers Index, in which over 450 names are listed, and all surnames start with the letter ‘M’.

Gloria F. Tubman’s Question Answered, More Questions Posed outlines the questions posed by a previous article which showed the relationship between people from Bistrol Township and North Onslow Township in the Pontiac area of Quebec.

Edward Kipp has two articles in this newsletter, and they are – Cemetery Shunpiking 2011 & 2013 and Rathbun-Rathbone-Rathburn Family Reunion 2013.

In the first article, he takes us on a tour of the gravestones of his great-grandparents in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

He provides a history of the people on the gravestones, as well as a photo of the gravestones.

And the second article, he and his wife, Elizabeth, go to Newport, Rhode Island for the latest family reunion of the Rathbun-Rathbone-Rathburn Family.

He always writes such interesting travel logs that are intertwined with family history. It keeps my interest throughout.

Plus, there’s lots of other interesting and informative stuff to read in this issue, as there is in the other issues.

This afternoon, my husband and I will be listening to the live streaming of the Branch’s regular monthly meeting – another plus for belonging to the Ontario Genealogical Society, and one of its many branches!

The website of the Ottawa Branch is

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Ottawa Genealogist

The January-March 2013 issue of The Ottawa Genealogist has just been released, and I received my copy the other day.

Here are some articles of interest –

Sarah Belding/Beldin/Belden (alais Belvin or Dekdubsa) wife of Benjamin Burt is an article byEditor Ed Kipp, and these people are his 6th Great-Grandparents.

And Early Bytown (Ottawa) Settlers Index by Jim Stanzell in which he, in this issue, features surnames the start with “C”.

There is an Information column where it says, for example, that James Cuthertson “Work. Rideau Canal”, Patrick Costello has the information that says that he has a “brother in Ireland”, and William Calder is “age 30”. This could prove very helpful in your research. It is almost like reading a city directory of sorts, and it is fully sourced!

It pays to go through the two pages of Branch Library Additions on pages 42 and 43 because they may have some books in the library that may interest you. They have some books that interest me, and the next time that I am down to the Ottawa City Archives, I am going to look them up because some of the titles interest me, and the research that I do.

The web site of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is

Also, don’t forget the Genealogy Fair that they will be having at City of Ottawa Archives on May 4, 2013.

The website for this is at

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Ottawa Genealogist

The summer issue of The Ottawa Genealogist has been published, and it is chock full of the latest news about the Ottawa Branch.

There are articles on "Frederick Alfred Weedmark and Susan (DeLorge) Fraser: The Mystery is Debunked", and "Your Introduction to GOONS!".

Photos and a write-up of "The Eighteenth Annual Historical Walking Tour of Beechwood " which was given to Edward Kipp, the editor of the newsletter.

The War of 1812 Timeline is in The Ottawa Genealogist, and an OGS Conference 2012 report which was held in Kingston this year is in the newsletter, as well as photos.

This newsletter is for members only, but if you want to become an member, go to, and click on Membership.