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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Archive CD Books Canada has a new website

Great news for Canadian genealogy!

The Archive CD Books Canada website has returned to a new website, and it looks fabulous!

It is easy to see exactly what they have to offer, and you get a first-hand look at the products that they have onsite.

So congratulations Malcolm and Chris Moody on their new website, and stop by to see if there is anything that you would like in Canadian books!

Remember to support out Canadian booksellers. They, and societies, are the backbone of out genealogy community. 

And subscribe to their newsletter. It has regular news on their new products. As Malcolm says 'Remember this Newsletter is published for you so if you think we're missing something important drop me a line to'.

The website is at

Check the Canadian Week in Review every Monday morning for the latest in Genealogy, Heritage, and History news in Canada.

If you missed this week’s edition, it is at

It’s the ONLY news blog of its kind in Canada!

It has been a regular post every Monday morning since
April 23, 2012.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 19

Here are some of the websites and blogs that I have come across the week ending February 5, 2012.

Yukon Territory Online Historical Directories Over a dozen directories, and you can search them online. They include telephone directoties, city directories, and Alaska-Yukon City and Business Directory.

GenDisasters: Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives News reports about Newfoundland and Labrador disasters.

Ancestral Notes: A family history blog with genealogy links, resources, ancestors, and related topics A blog wich talks about family history found in Southwestern Ontario in Essex County.

Madeline's Essex County: A History of Canada's Deep South  A completely blog to the piece just written in the previous post. It is a blog about Madeline Wallace, and her time in Essex County by her daughter Victoria Fenner.

Mining Accidents U.S., Canada and Australia There have been 485,000 mining accident records (fatal and nonfatal) covering most of the United States, and the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada

Family Names: Beck, Keffer, Kratochvil, Moore, Puterbaugh, Secor This blog covers the families of Beck etc as they moved to Ontario from Pennsylvanian.

Canadian Vital Stats Genealogy Canada: Births Deaths & Marriages Exchange Have you checked this resource lately? The Olive Tree Blog has the Canadian Births or Baptism, Deaths and Marriages Exchange on file.

Panoramic Maps Canadian Map Check out these panoramic maps of the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec.

War of 1812 It gives a history of each of the topics covered as well as nifty graphics!

Rare list of P.E.I. Acadians intrigues N.B. researchers They have found a "rare list" of PEI Acadians at l'Université de Moncton. The list is of 289 names of Acadians who were living on Prince Edward Island in 1763.


 I have just published two booklets -

The War of 1812: Canada and the United States, and Migration: Canada and the United States.  

They are available for purchase through Global Genealogy at, and the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at

For more on the booklets, please visit these links -

War of 1812 -, and

Migration -

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Sale!

In the spirit of providing readers of this blog with some great news about a terrific product, here is the latest news from Malcolm Moody of Archive CD Books Canada Inc. -


We have marked down ALL of our Canadian made CDs by UP TO 50%.  

Some CDs are only $7.00 each!

Sale prices are shown in the catalogue and will apply in the Shopping Cart.

(Sorry sale does not apply to Gleanings. They are ALWAYS at the minimum price.)

Don’t know how long we can keep this sale up. Shop early!"

Hurry to our Canadian Catalogue at:

Archive CD Books Canada Inc.
President:  Malcolm Moody
PO Box 11,Manotick
Ontario, Canada K4M 1A2
Tel:(613) 692-2667 or 1-888-692-2660 - Toll-free

And here is a link to a review I recently did on them at