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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Connections Winter/Spring 2013


The Quebec Family History Society has recently released its Volume 35 Number 2 issue of Connections.

In this issue, there are a number of pieces that are of interest, for example, the article entitled The Mintram Family: Barnardo’s and The Titanic Connection which tells the story of how William Mintram, a Titanic survivor,  killed his wife,  and three of their children wound up in Canada after having been taken in by Barnardo’s Home in London.

The interesting point about this article is the description that Walter (William’s son-in-law) gave of the sinking of the Titanic. I had never read such an account before.

In the article Streetcars Named Tragedies, Sandra Belliveau writes about two people in her family who were impacted by streetcars in Montreal – a stranger whom her grandmother Ethel Saunders helped, and subsequently received a commendation, and her paternal great-grandfather, William Stuart, who was killed on August 11, 1911.

In the last article entitled Victoria Bridge and the Irish of Montreal, Dawn Miller Quellette gives the linkage between the building of the Victoria Bridge across the St. Lawrence River, and the famous Black Stone Monument to the Irish immigrants was dedicated in 1859.

This journal is also a welcome sight when it arrives because of all of the information it contains. There is an additional article on the British Home Children, looking for obituaries, and a What Was News to Your Ancestors.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn 2012 Issue of QFHS “Connections”

Roots and Branches of My Maternal Family Tree is an article by Dawn Miller Ouellette in which she tells of the years of researching to try and find who David McConaghie (her maternal grandfather) was, and why no one wanted to talk about him!

Although she never really discovered what happened to David, she does point out the importance of using LDS records, and of belonging to the Quebec Family History Society in order to research correctly.

In his article, Sex in the City and Edwardian Mores, Robert N. Wilkins tells of stories run by the Montreal Star in which early 19th Century people were gossiping of “salacious stories” that were heard in court on a fairly regular basis.

The remainder of Connections has a list of their events, library news, Computree, queries, and other news and notes that will help you become more knowledgeable about Quebec genealogy.

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