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Tuesday, April 2, 2013 UPDATE: Free Access

The publicity department of has sent me the news that they will be offering FREE access to their collection of First World War historical records from April 9th to 12th.

This is in recognition of Canada's part in the defeat of the enemy in the Battle of Vimy which was highlighted by me in yesterday's post entitled Pictures and Story of the Week: The Battle of Vimy Ridge at

Saturday, December 29, 2012

FREE Access Ends Tonight!

The other day I posted about the free access at Well, that free access ends tonight at midnight – December 29!

By taking advantage of this free access, you can explore their newest, as well as their most popular collections from Canada, the U.S., UK and around the world!

To go to the site for more information, go to

Thursday, June 28, 2012 is FREE!

To celebrate Canada Day on July 1st, is offering FREE access to more than 40 million historical records that is available now to July the 2nd.
Free access includes -
 Canadian Passenger Lists and Ocean Arrivals - outlining the masses of people who arrived by ship -- the only form of international travel available to people at the time -- at port cities across Canada
The 1871 Census of Canada - the first Census Canada conducted as a nation, which gives a snapshot of the life of the people living at the time, including who they lived with, their ages, their jobs, the birthplaces of their parents, their neighbours and more
Vital records (i.e. birth, marriage and death records) from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia - outlining the significant moments in the people’s lives like children born, marriages and deaths.
Visit to search all of the records being made available for free this weekend.