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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Archive CD Books (Canada) SALE!

I have just received a notice from Archive CD Books (Canada) that they are offering almost ALL of our CANADIAN topic books on CD at a discount for a limited time. And the sale prices are shown on each product - just above the "Regular Price" - so you can see your savings.

They give examples -

Gazetteer and Business Directory, Canada 1930, Cat.No. CA0035

ON SALE FOR: $18.75, Regular Price: $37.50

Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of York, Ontario - 1907 Cat.No. CA0254

ON SALE FOR: $13.13, Regular Price: $26.25

British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Historical & Biographical. 4 Vol. set. Cat.No. CA0361-S

ON SALE FOR: $24.50, Regular Price: $49.00

You are reminded that this sale won't last forever, so act now and you won't be disappointed.

Don't forget that they already give you free shipping if you live in Canada (flat rate elsewhere)

Sale prices are shown in the regular locations in the catalogue on each product on sale. To help you see ALL of the products on offer we have added a special "SALE" category in our online catalogue, and you can go straight there using this link

You are reminded that because of the complexity, and illogicality, of Canada Post's overseas shipping rates we check and, if possible, reduce our overseas rates for multiple purchases - we try to give you our best prices. Any shipping overcharge will be rebated on your credit card.

And while you are there on the website, you can subscribe to their very informative newsletter by subscribing to