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Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Vintage Wings of Canada Flight

Yesterday, a press release was received by this blog, and it says -

On behalf of the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable Laurie Hawn, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre, took part this evening in the launch of the 2012 Vintage Wings of Canada flight season at the Gatineau Airport. The aviation enterprise is dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of Canadian aviation
"Vintage Wings of Canada does important work in preserving and better enabling us to understand the role and history of Canadian aviation in the development of our country," said Honourable Blaney.
Vintage Wings of Canada brings together aviators and aviation enthusiasts, who maintain a fleet and participate in flight activities and the promotion of Canada's aviation heritage. The organization offers educational programs and guided tours (by reservation only) of its collection, exhibited in their hangar at the Gatineau Airport. Veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces are welcome at all times. 
Veterans Affairs Canada maintains on its Web site at archived videos that capture the personal experiences of women and men who have served Canada in times of conflict, including Canadian aviators.
Earlier this month, Minister Blaney and MP Hawn announced a $100,000 contribution toward the creation of a new Bomber Command Memorial to be unveiled this June in London's Green Park in the United Kingdom.
During the Second World War, while the Royal Air Force Fighter Command defended the United Kingdom against aerial attacks, approximately 50,000 Canadian service men and women were part of the Bomber Command, which attacked the enemy's military strength by bombing key targets in an attempt to weaken its military and industrial capabilities.
To see Vintage Wings of Canada's calendar of events, visit

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Memory Project Speakers' Bureau

The following press release came from the Veterans Affairs Canada yesterday -

"The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, announced today that the Government of Canada will provide up to $675,000 over the next three years to the Historica-Dominion Institute to support an initiative allowing Canadian Veterans to share their stories of service and sacrifice with young people across the country.

"Hearing stories first-hand from Canada's Veterans—whether they are about peacekeeping operations and other important missions of today, or stories going back to Korea or the Second World War—makes a tremendous impact that will help inspire Canada's youth to take an even greater interest in remembrance," said Minister Blaney.

The Memory Project Speakers' Bureau is composed of Veterans who visit classrooms and community groups to share their stories with youth. This bilingual educational program connects Veterans and students on-line and in classrooms across the country.

A total of $600,000 in funding to the Memory Project Speakers' Bureau is provided jointly through Veterans Affairs Canada's Community Engagement Partnership Fund and the Canadian Studies Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage. An additional $75,000 is being provided this year by Canadian Heritage for the production of an educational DVD.

"For 10 years, Memory Project Veteran speakers have been sharing a legacy of service and their powerful perspective on Canadian history with students from coast to coast," says Jeremy Diamond, Director of Development and Programs with the Historica-Dominion Institute. "We hope that these stories can continue to humanize our history and teach Canada's youth about what it was like for someone, not much older than themselves, to serve their country."

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