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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preparing for the OGS Conference

The Ontario Genealogical Conference to be held from June 1st to the 3rd in Kingston, Ontario will have a number of unique activites going on during the weekend.

Some of them are -

Ask a Pro - You’ll be able to sign up for one free session lasting 15 minutes with a professional genealogist, courtesy of members of the Ontario Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists.

Research Around Kingston – Look at the page on the Kingston Area Research.  Do note that most of these repositories have valuable holdings but are quite small.

Go to, and see the many places to research in Kingston.

Research Room – See the separate page about this under “Program”. Sign up on arrival at the College for your hour of free research in genealogical databases for which you would normally have to pay.

The website is at tells you what to expect in the Research Room.

Wall of Ancestors – Take advantage of this FREE research activity. Decide which facts you most want to learn about which ancestors, and make up 3×5″ cards ahead of time, to post on the Wall of Ancestors when you arrive.

You can go to ,and read what can be included on your card.

Go to to read about the Conference itself.