Monday, July 23, 2012

FindMyPast Ignores Canada

The British site is starting to begin an International Records web site.

They will include international records from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Wales. Where is Canada! Canada is among the missing.

When will this county be included? There are lots of records here that could go on their site.

For those who want to search the new records, there is an introductory offer for the World Subscription of $4.95/month (U.S. funds) instead of the normal $20.83/month.


JDR said...

Find My Past is a commercial organization and has no obligation to open up in business is Canada if they don't see it to be an attractive business opportunity. Having recently opened in the US they may have their hands full there. LAC's unfriendly stance re commercial partners may be a factor as well.

Christine said...

This is still in Beta format. It is in the testing stages. Other countries will be added in time. The US hasn't been added yet, either, although FMP is working to enter the census records now. Canada will be added in time.