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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The McLellan Settlers of Indian River, Prince Edward Island

Every once in a while, a new post on settlement of Prince Edward Island is put on the Island Register by Dorothy Farish.

So far, she has put on the families of the following –

Alexander Brown

Donald Macdonald

The MacLellan's - John and Angus

Alexander Cameron

The MacLean's - Roderick and John

The Other Maclean's - Hugh, Hector, and John

Donald McDongald (McDougall)

The McKinnon's - Neill and James

James Smith

Donald Gillis

And this week, she has added “An Interesting Sketch of the McLellan Family Who Settled at Indian River”, and who had come to PEI from the Isle of South Uist in Scotland.

You can read the accounts of these people at

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Death Notice in the "Island Register"

Dave Hunter keeps a website at about Prince Edward Island genealogy. As part of the website, he also issues a weekly free e-newsletter called the Island Register for over ten years. To subscribe, go to

Since 2005, Eldon Sentner has put weekly obits on the newsletter, and you can read them at His email is

There is also "Centenarians in the Death Notices Listings" at

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Island Register

I first came across "The Island Register" when I originally started to research the United Empire Loyalists, and had found a number going from Nova Scotia over to Prince Edward Island to settle in 1783 onward.

It is an email newsletter sent out every Friday by Dave Hunter from Prince Edward Island, and he started it in 2001 when he found that so many people could trace their ancestry back to the island.

About a couple of years ago he added the "Death Notices From Local Newspapers and Other Source" ending for the week, and he gives the link to them onsite.

He also gives the weather for the week just ending, and the "News on the Island Register" which is always an interesting read, and letters from his readers.

I was particularly interested in the article on "Michael Ambrose McInnis and 'The Maple Leaf'" because I have relatives in California, and I am sure that they are in the publication. Now all I have to do is find the "Maple Leaf" which has just become easier because the article was written by his granddaughter - so there is my first lead in a long and anxious trail looking for 'The Maple Leaf'.

He also has the "Phone Report" in his newsletter and a weekly report on the phone museum on his property and "Laptops for Kids" where he pick up laptops on the Island for less than fortunate children. He has fixed and given away 20 laptops so far.

If you want to sign up for this particular newsletter, the address is <>.