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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy - Session 3

As previously promised in my blog on 06 January 2015 at, I am reporting on Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy study group as it proceeds. I watched Session 3 yesterday, and the two top things that were discussed were -

1. The records that we first use to study our family. 

In particular, marriage records were looked at, and we were reminded to study them carefully so as to not to make the common mistake of misinterpreting the information and dates. Remember, these records should always be transcribed.

2. Getting a Research Log set up to follow as we start to research our family.

Cousin Russ, Dear Myrt’s production man at the Google Hangouts, has prepared an outline of a Research Log at

The first page shows the research process, and the second and third pages encourage us to keep records of links we use to conduct research.

Next week, we will examine more about the Research Log. Dear Myrt has asked us to have our own Research Log ready to share with people on the panel.

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