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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bay of Quinte UEL Genealogy Workshop

Brian Tackaberry UE, President of the Bay of Quinte UEL Branch, has informed us of an up-coming workshop -

“The Bay of Quinte Branch will be presenting a workshop to help people find their Loyalist Roots on Saturday April 21st, 2012 at the Adolphustown Township Hall in Adolphustown, located on old Highway #33, the Loyalist Parkway. 

We invite anyone doing research on their Quinte area ancestors to come out for help with their Loyalist links, and to bring along any other individuals who may be interested to discover their Loyalist connections.

The program begins at 10:00AM and runs throughout the day until 3:00PM.  People may feel free to come at any time throughout the day.  Those in attendance will receive several handouts, including application forms and tips for Loyalist Lineage, a list of UEL names for the Bay of Quinte area, examples of acceptable proofs and where to find them, and a certificate of participation.  There will also be tours of the UEL Museum, research library and the park including a visit to the UEL Cemetery and site of the original Loyalist Landing.

There will also be a series of short talks on researching your links during the morning by Linda Corupe, Peter and Angela Johnson, and Brian Tackaberry.  We will also have them available later to give you one-on-one assistance with your family search.  There will also be books for sale to help with your Loyalist research.

 The cost for the day is $10 which will include the handouts, coffee/tea/water and certificate.  You are asked to bring along a bag lunch for the day.  If you wish to attend the workshop, please complete the registration form and send to Angela Johnson, or email myself or Angela To find the registration form, go to the Bay of Quinte website,
Brian Tackaberry UE, President, Bay of Quinte Branch”


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday!

I have survived another year!

This seemed like it has been a long year, with many twists and turns, numerous genealogical conferences, much travel, and much work - I have had 24 articles published this year, and started this blog.

I renewed old friendships from all over, and made new ones. And I value each one.

It is my dream to write many more articles, and to get the blog rolling out every day, and to go to as many conferences as possible. Mighty big order - let's see if I'm up to it.

I had one big genealogy find this year, and that was of my great-great-great-uncle Andrew BARCLAY.

My cousin Charles BARCLAY and I have searched high and low for him, and he always seemed to slip through our fingers - until just by happenstance I "Googled" one of his daughters this past spring while I was waiting for a drive one day, and there it was - she had written a diary!

And one part of it was on the Town of Argyle (Archives) website. I rushed a note off to them and in no time flat I had the entire diary that had been donated to them by her family (HALEY from Alemeda County, California), and I found the story about her father and his death.

How he died of yellow fever in San Domingo after going there from Shelburne, Nova Scotia on ship to trade the town's fish for rum and sugar.

And then this summer in August, a query I put on the Internet six years ago bore fruit because I was sent a picture of who else? Andrew Barclay!

So the research is complete, and I am happy! Now I will see if I can get the book completed (on Andrew BARCLAY, Loyalist), and published.

See my posting on him in this blog, under "Let Cousins Find You" at <>.

So I have had a wonderful year as far as the business of genealogy is concerned.

I try to remember that it's not the idea that we are given another day to live, but it is what do we do with that day that counts.

May you have your own Happpy Birthday!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nova Scotia Celebrates Loyalists

Nova Scotia celebrates the 225th anniversary of the arrival of Loyalists this summer. The majority came from other cities and areas to the city of New York, and then left in the spring and summer of 1783 to settle in such places as Shelburne, Digby, and Guysborough. They were given the choice of going or staying in the U.S., but many found it difficult because they supported the British Crown during the American Revolution.

I just received the newsletter from the Shelburne County Archives & Genealogical Society Newsletter <>
The newsletter reports that people at the Society has written two books which will be of interest to Loyalists. They are "Founders of Shelburne Nova Scotia Who Came, 1783-1793", and "Remarks and Rough Memorandums: Captains William Both Royal Corps of Engineers, Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1785, 1787, 1789".

In this newsletter, from page 4 to page 5, is the preface to the first book mentioned in the above paragraph, and it is very interesting. Did you know that at the beginnings of the town, it was the fourth largest city in North America!

On page 6 to page 7 are excerpts from the Shelburne Budget from 10 January, 1901 to 15 September, 1901.

Not only is it my hometown, but I am Loyalist on both sides of my family (Barclay & Blades), as is true of a lot of people from Shelburne and area.

Although I was unable to go to Shelburne myself to help with the celebrations, I encourage you to go to their website and see what is available. They have oodles of resource materials, and the centre of the town is a heritage section where you can see the town as it looked in 1783.